Black - goth, or what??

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you my opinion on dark clothing/nail polish.

My question: Is all black goth, or can you wear some black and still be happy??

My answer: It really depends on how much black you are wearing. For example - if you don't have white or blue nail polish, and you are wearing white and blue. So, you wear black. Personally, I think that is fine. But when you wear a black nail polish on both fingers and toes, a black skirt, a long-sleeved black shirt, you dye your hair black/neon pink, etc. then that is most definitely goth. See the difference?

Problem: You are going to a funeral, and don't want to wear white, (for the obvious reasons), but you don't want to look to dark and depressing. What do you do?

Solution: Wear a nice, simple black outfit. If you are not keen on block, try gray, grey-blue, or dark/navy blue. For nail polish (of course, you want to look your best, so you paint your nails) try either on of the said colors, or white. If you are going with a black outfit, I suggest that you wear white or red (deep maroon is really beautiful) to keep a balance of letting go of that lost friend, but mourning them too. For the shoes, try to go with simple flats - high-heels (if you are of age) make it seem like your spirits are as high as your shoes. Lastly, for hair, I personally think anything would look good - just nothing too fancy.


  1. wow- read your bio- I like it- i'm with ya

  2. NO no no no no! I vacation from blogger for three or four or five or, whatever that doesn't really matter, but what happened to you blog!!!??? Where did the cute inspiring dresses go? :'( whaaaa will they ever be back?

    haha I really hope this doesn't offend anyone.

    OH MY GOSH is that the Dolce and Gabanna clock necklace I've been craving for about a year now? *sighs* if only I was rich.

  3. Interesting thinking! :) I totally agree with everything!

  4. To The Hollister Abolisher: Sorry about the dresses, but Brianna form the Boutique Window gave me a makeover, and this is the new look. Hope you don't mind, but it is going to stay this way permenentely.:)

    God bless,

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