Miscellany Monday

Monday, July 12, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It's time for Miscellany Monday once again! Here we go:

{1} no matter how hard I try, I cannot remember the two miscellanious things that I had thought of for miscellany monday today!

{2} I love to get up early in the morning for my miscellany monday post. Surprise, surprise, I am up at seven this morning, instead of my usual 6:15 (like in the last miscellany monday post). But no matter what time I get up, *says sarcastically* I do not get up, just to be the one of the first miscellany monday-ers. That is totally not me!

{3} I love to go outside on a lovely, misty wet morning, and watch the sun rise. OR, even better, to watch the clouds, grey and melancholy, to move, and make way for a late morning sunshine.

{4} If I could snap my finger and appear in the place I wanted to go, I would go to Carmel, CA. *sigh* the lovely, cool, breezes, the type of beach where you do not wear a bathing suit, and where you don't go into the icy cold water. If you have never been to Carmel, CA I highly reccomend it. If you think: "Oh, she is crazy to like a cold beach like that! Oh, I would much prefer a warm, sunny florida beach." Then you obviously don't like rain and dampness. Also, you probably don't prefer a maryland beach over that either, do you?

{5} Time and time again, I fail to remember to tell you this: 

There are no two ways about it. If you don't like cheese, (especially extra sharp, new york, white cheddar) then there must be something seriously wrong with you *giggles because she knows you know that she is joking about the fact that there is something wrong with you* But seriously,

*an eye* *heart* *piece of cheese*
And that's it.

{6} One time I had a dream that I ate an electric biscuit, and because in that dream I was "allergic to electricity" I got zapped. yup. I remember seeing myself black as coal all over, hair sticking on end... (yes, in my dreams, I sometimes see myself doing the things that happen in my dreams. Was I the only one who understood that?)

that's it, bloggers!! Now go over to Carissa's and link up!!



  1. Hi,

    I came over from Carissa's. What a wonderful Miscellany Monday post!

    First thing first, what is an electric biscuit? ;) My imagination came up with all kinds of things hahaha

    I ADORE CHEESE. However, I really love European cheese ... no idea why. I just do.

    I had a really hard time getting up this morning as well. I am so not a morning person ;) Maybe that's why I prefer to watch sunsets instead of sunrises. However, when I am up really early, I love to watch the sun rise with a hot cup of coffee in my hand, listening to the birds and watching everything around me wake up.

    Have a wonderful week,

    P.S.: Beautiful music ;)

  2. I'm your newest follower! I found you through Misc. Monday. Looking forward to reading your posts. Stop by and see me at www.seamsinspired.com I'm having a Giveaway soon!

  3. Yippee! Looks like I'm number 34 :P Now you only have to get 1 more follower...and it's not even the middle of July! (what about that...)

    I'm from over at http://hiddendoorways.blogspot.com/ If you ever feeling daring you can check it out!

    God Bless!


  4. Haha electric biscuit.. lol I did a Misc. Monday too! I think I was like the 52 person to sign up though. :/
    Have a great day Gianna!

  5. Hi I'm over from my friend Carissa's! You are so funny! Loved the miscellany! I need that button I heart cheese um a little to much, one time I made enchiladas for dinner and the hubs called them cheese chaladas LOL

    Haha and electric biscuit that is funny! I am your newest follower #35 whoooo hoooo

    oh and I voted on your poll thingy

  6. Oh, fun! And congratulations - you've got 36 followers! :D What are you going to do for a giveaway?


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