Miscellany Monday

Monday, July 19, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Hey guys! Once again, it is time for miscellany monday. Ok, let's see what miscelanious things I can think up!

{1}If you ever asked me what my favorite pastime is, I would say reading. Reading is my life! Just last week, I did a challenge to see if I could read 400 minutes in three weeks (easy) and I finished the 400 minutes in 3 days. :)

{2} Please tell me if you used my "I could sit and read all day button" - I would love to know!

{3} Should I post more about sewing, or would you just like to hear random news, tags, awards,... please comment!

{4} I am getting a makeover by the lovely Brianna of The Boutique Window, and it is almost finished!! I am sooooo excited!!!!!!!

{5} I am writing a new story, but I can't decide what to name the main character. (she is a girl) Ideas??

Ok, guys. Click on the button, which will take you over to Carissa's. So go on over, and link up!



  1. I used that button, it was awesome.
    I think maybe a few more sewing posts would be nice. I liket o read about any projects you might be doing, but don't feel like there's pressure to do more projects just so you can blog about them. Does that make sense?

    Hmm, I love names...
    I had a friend who knew a girl named Tuesday, and I always thought it was cool.


  2. I love reading too! Except...I've sort of run out of book to read. Well, not run out, but I've finished all the series that I liked, and read pretty much all the books at the library ;)

    Congrats on your makeover!


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