Miscellany Monday

Monday, July 26, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

okay, today for miscellany monday, i decided to do it "carissa style" i am going to do it all lowercase, because this is carissa's meme, and she does all lowercase. :)

i have begun to do my smily faces like this: : ) instead of this: :) what do you think?

i woke up this morning to find a rather large spider in the toilet. so, instead of being a big girl and cleaning it up, i quickly departed the bathroom, and used another one. : )

i haven't been making a ton of barbie clothes recently - with equals "not-so-interesting" posts. or do you like hearing a bunch of random stuff? please tell me - i really want to know if i am boring your socks off, or making you so happy with my posts. : )

i can never think of enough miscellanious things to write on miscellany monday. and often, i will think of something the day before, and then completely forget about it on monday. *sigh*

i always get up as early as possible (without being extremely tired) and do my miscellany monday post. i do this because i like to have it done and "out of the way" so to speak, but i really enjoy doing them anyway. i just like to be finished, and be able to look at them. *sigh if delight*

i am planning on making my wedding dress the same style as marianne's in the 1996 sense and sensibility. oh, how i love that dress...

ok, that's it guys and girls who are reading this post. now head on over to carissa's and link up!


  1. Great Monday post! I love writing them as well, and I love how they look. They're quite addicting!

    I've done the same thing with spiders. Especially big ones. Then my kids yell and I have to take care of them. So I grab half the paper towel roll and....

    Have a great Monday! :)

  2. I love your Miscellany! And I'm 'sew' excited about your wedding dress. I watch Sense and Sensibility more for the fashion parade than the movie itself, though I dearly love that movie. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! :o) (I like to put a nose on my smiley face)


  3. I like your smiles better that way. I usually add a nose in mine too. (-; Or for a clown: (o;
    I like reading miscellaneous posts...they're usually funny.

  4. I do the same with my Miscellany posts, I will sit down to write them and realize I am not so random after all and sometimes it takes a moment or two to get going.

    I hate spiders and I think I would have done the same thing!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. What a super cute blog and I am lovin' your random! That is how I make my smiley's on here too LOL.... :)

    So I can't beliee you are gonna make your wedding dress!! How fab is that! I bet is gonna look so glam and fab....you will have to show pics

    Spiders freak me out....I would have totally done the same thing....

    Summer :)

  6. Haha! My Pa would do the same thing with the spider:)


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