75 Blessings...

Friday, August 27, 2010

So... I haven't carried out on my little one-hundred blessings thing. Here are the remaining 75:

26. My dear older sister let's me borrow her clothes all the time. Love you sis!

27. My birthday is coming soon!

28. I can type without looking at the keys, just like a proffesional!

29. My little siblings want me to be their teacher, because they are playing school. (I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it is cute. They will sit at the train table in one of the bedrooms, and do little crafts, sing songs, go over their letters, draw pictures, etc. Nothing hard like real school. My Dad even commented on the strangeness: “Hurry up, let’s finish school, so that we can play school!”)

30. I found a pretty little ring the other day. *sigh* How I love beauty.

31. I got to decorate  my binder for science this year, and I hot glued jeans fabric along the binding, with ribbons going across. Lovely!

32. I am going to give myself a manicure this afternoon, and I can't wait!

33. We get to have chicken enchiladas tomorrow for dinner, with guackamole, chips, and nacho cheese on the side. Yum!

34. My siblings are waiting for me. (and of course they wouldn't do that if they didn't love me!)

35.  This is home.

36. Life is good, but heaven is better.

37. We have a little liberty bell, and when it is rung, that means dinner time.

38. We just got a new bulletin board for our bedroom, with nice little flower tacks!

39.  I have so many blessings, that when I am finished with this post, I will remember all the blessings that I didn't list.

40. I have so many posts scheduled, that I feel very prepared for the days to come.

41. Dance starts in such a short time.

42. I get to start taking modern dance.

43. My new photography blog is going very well. Why not go over there and check it out? *wink wink*

44. I have 22 entries in my giveaway!

45. My little brother loves to play tennis with me in the back yard. We don't have a net, but we make a line, and decide whether it would have gone over the net or not. :)

46. I have little siblings that absolutely love to draw faces on the fronts and backs of Frito bags. *cough cough*

47. I got the privilege of quitting this post yesterday, and am completing it today.

48. I just got the Giada DeLaurentiis 'Every Day Italian' cook book. Yum!

49. I can listen to music. (OK, so maybe everyone can. It is still a blessing)

50. My lil' sibs' are so loving.

51. My mother always helps me with my math, when I need the assistance.

52. I may not have a tree house in my backyard, but what I do have is a sandbox. We sit in there for hours, trying to get a tan. Or at least my little siblings do. :)

53. I might learn french next year.

54. My grandfather is still alive, at a whopping 91.

55. I have an electric bible.

56. I just got a new haircut. So cute - I love it. :)

57. My family owns the 6-hour version of Pride And Prejudice.

58. I country is free...or was.

59. I have many loving friends.

60. Two days ago was my friend KatieRose's birthday. Feel free to click on the link and drop her a comment.

61. I have figured out how to design a blog header and button. All that's left is the background... (if any one of you knows how to create a blog background, I would appreciate your help. The only thing I know, is that you use a "paper" from the scrapbook kit that you use for the rest of the blog. Any help is great.)

62. I have a lovely little beaded American flag bracelet. Love. It.

63. I know how to do a sock bun... :)

64. I found out that if you sleep more, your hair will grow faster. Isn't that great?

65. We might get to ply in the sprinkler this afternoon. Yes, I still do that. :)

66. I have seen both versions of Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility.

67. I am saving up for a camera. (if you don't count that as a blessing, count this: I have to save up $450. If I ever get that much, it will be a blessing!)

68. My sisters are playing an old fashioned game (who knows what it is...) and just watching them play, warms my heart. (NOTICE: This is the second day that I am typing this out. Yesterday, they were playing school. :)

69. I am halfway through with Algebra 1. If you have ever done Algebra 1, you will understand how horrid it its!

70. I cannot think of a title for my romance novel. Here is the synopsis:

Destiny Blair is a 17-year-old girl, with hopes and dreams of her own. Her best friend, Taylor Burke, is a young boy of 19.  But when a new man comes into town, Destiny starts spending less time with Taylor, and more time with the new man, Jack Adkins. When it is told to Destiny of something she never dreamed, her hopes for her future with Jack are shattered. Collin, the neighbor next door, proposes, and Destiny is stuck, with strings pulling her in three different directions. What path will she choose?
Can you, dear friends help me think of a title? First two commenters will get a blog button. (Won't that be fun?)

71. I am a Christian.

72. My parents were Christians also, so they have some good experiences, which they share with us.

73. I can do a cartwheel.

74. I am learning western civilization.

75. My science teacher is the best.

76. My sister helps me with HTML, when I need it.

77. I have over 77 blessings.

78. I have never been stung by a bee.

79. I have never "swam" in the ocean, although I have waded.

80. I have a lovely wallpaper on my computer, made by Awel Prince. Can you guess which one it is?

81. After all these blessings, my fingers haven't gone stiff.

82. We have flowers growing out in our yard. *sniffs in, breathes out, pleasure showing on her face.*

83. I have a iPod touch. *winks at her little joke, because the iPod touch is digital - it is on her blog*

84. My family loves me.

85. My toes are cold, but they will be warm, the second I go outside and feel the sun on my face.

86. My sister just made lemonade. Boy, am I blessed!

87. I can draw a cow. Yup.

88. I can dance relatively well.

89. I can see! (because some people can't...)

90. I can hear! (because some people can't...)

91. I love fashion. (and I am proud of that)

92. I am petite. (and I love it)

93. My sister once said that my eyes were beautiful - that was a real boost to my spirit!

94. I never had the problem of dry hair.

95. I have never had lice.

96. I have never had worms.

97. I have never had chicken pox.

98. I have never had rooster pox... *laughs out loud*

99. I wrote 75 blessings (or typed) in two days, including school work.

100. (the big one-zero-zero) I am forgiven!!!!!!!!!

Love you all! And please leave a comment if you have a suggestion for my title. I really will make you a button, however you want it to be. Honest.


  1. Many blessings there and some title for story/book you might like "Destine", like she is destine to be with someone, or "Destiny".

  2. Hello!
    I can't wait for school to start ;)

    Anyway- I think you should name it "Strings" or "My Heart Strings".

    Also- Stephany and I have the two first comments! BLOG BUTTON!

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