Guest Post by Olive Tree: Summer Memories

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Why, hello, friends. Miss Bree asked me to write up a little guest post today, so here I am. The subject is my favorite or most memorable summer.

It put me in mind of a quote from a lovely Lloyd Alexander book, "The Black Cauldron".
    "You make sport of us," Taran cried angrily. "The price you ask is beyond what any of us can pay."
    Orrdu hesitated. "Possibly you're right," she admitted. "Well, then, something a little more personal. I have it!" she said, beaming at Taran. "Give us—give us the nicest summer day you can remember! That can't be hard, since it belongs to you!"
    "Yes," Orwen said eagerly. "A lovely summer afternoon full of sunlight and sleepy scents."
    "There's nothing so sweet," murmured Orgoch, sucking a tooth, "as a tender young lamb's summer afternoon."

But you see, that's a total grey area for me. "Favorites", especially favorite memories, come and go for me. I change my mind a lot. Example: One day, ask me "Olive Tree, what is your favorite shirt?" and I'll say "the blue one." Then the next day, ask me again, and I'll say, "the pink one with the white lace."

But sometimes I wonder if that's almost even better than having a constant favorite. So right now? This is my favorite summer, right now. It's been unseasonably warm (being next to Canada sometimes leads to unhelpfully cold and dreary summers) and I've gotten tons of modeling jobs (and thus tons of cash to go shopping with). My blog design business and Etsy are taking off, and I have lots of new friends on HorseFeathers. I have many good friends and have finally found a haircut that works with my odd curly hair. I've finished the book I have been writing for four years.

But who knows? Maybe next year something even better will happen.

So I prefer to have changeable favorites. You never know what might happen!
Olive Tree is a writer and photographer who blogs at HorseFeathers. She would tell you her favorite part about blogging, but that changes all the time. ;)

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  1. That is so cool that you used a quote from "The Black Cauldron." I just brought that book home from the library the other day, and am about to read it. (-: I read the first reminded me of Tolkien's books.


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