Miscellany Monday

Monday, August 30, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I tried to get up early, so that I could be one of the first Miscellany Monday-ers. I love doing that. :)
I have already gotten 20 entries in my giveaway, and now I am getting excited for it to end, so that I can find out the winners! :)

Pie. Is. Heaven. *giggles*

I want to learn spanish, and plan to start this year, but I am so busy, I feel as though I will never have time for the online lessons. *sigh*

My miscellany is going downhill. I am thinking of the most random things to write in my miscellany monday posts. I am doing short sentences about the first thing that comes to my head. Oh, wait! Isn't that what Miscellany Monday is all about? *wink wink*

About ten one-hundred-thousand pictures are being downloaded onto my desktop, as I speak. (or would that be type?) And they are all such beautiful pictures, that you simply must visit my photography blog and see them! :)

That's about all the miscellany one girl can think of! Go on over to Carissa's (by clicking on the button) and link up!


  1. Hello Dearest Bree!
    I am back to blogging!

    For the button I want red, roses, raindrops., etc. Whatever you think fits my blog! CUTE. MAKE. IT. CUTE.! LOVE YOU!


  2. what a great giveaway! I will have to spread the word. Thanks for sharing your randomness!
    Have a great week!

  3. I LOVE the miscellany, Bree! If you stick at Spanish, it won't be too hard--a lot of words sound like English. :)

    I joined your giveaway, and I can't wait for it to end, either! SO excited to see/read who wins!

    Love you!

    In Christ,
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Cool! I'm so with you on # 3 ;)

  5. Question~ When does the giveaway end?
    Btw, I start Spanish this year as well!


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