Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the oh-so-lovely Bree has very kindly requested for me to do a guest posting today.
SUMMER! of course.

Ode to Summer
by: Rebecca

Dear Summer,
ah, ye consistent season. 
where it doesn't get dark until 9.
the evening snowcones.
the weekly "friend time".

mission trips.
slumber parties.

the swimming.
the shorts.
the ponytails.
your ever so many characteristics.
what would June, July and August be without you?

 ah. summer. 
behind all of that heat.
and sweat.
there's a lovely season.

I don't know about you.
but every summer at my house is different.
and that's what makes summer so...exciting.
you never know where you'll go.
who you'll see.
and what you'll do.

one summer I went on a mission trip to Peru.
once I played "Snow White" in a summer production.
I made a movie with my friend.
I went on a roadtrip to Kentucky.

and then there's the things that are consistent every summer.
an annual summer sewing week.
a celebratory 4th of July. 

but most importantly.
summer makes you thankful.
because after all the r&r time.
school doesn't really seem that bad.

until next summer! :)

Rebecca Jane


I'm a writer. A singer. A ukulele-er. A seamstress. A blogger. A photographer. A designer. A dreamer. But most important...a Christ follower.

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