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Monday, September 06, 2010

It's Labor Day, and you know what that means!

You don't?

It means that I am going to tell you what we do on Labor Day! Yup, that's right--Labor Day stories!

Usually, we sleep in, read books, maybe have bacon and eggs for breakfast, etc.
But this year is different. You see, some friends of ours are coming over for tea and cookies at 12:00. So my sisters and I get the lovely job of baking orange cookies. Sugar cookies with orange flavored (and colored) frosting. And making the lemonade. Dull, right?


Here are some pictures from this lovely adventure:

First, we sprayed the pans.

After placing wax paper over top, we sprayed again.

These are the oranges used in the cookies and the frosting.

Zested orange...

The zested orange for the frosting...

The zested orange for the cookies...

Add orange juice (1/2 cup, to be exact. What you don't see in the pictures is that I left the orange juice to keep pouring while I looked at this picture on the camera. I ended up pouring out the extras. :)

The mixer stirred it's heart out...and my sister left for the computer. I was eft alone to do the cookies by myself! Before I could friek out, I realized that the next step was simple: plop the cookie dough onto the pans. I could do that by myself, right?

and then I dolloped out the cookies.

This is what the bowl looked like when I was finished.

I washed out the bowl...

Starting again (this time for the icing) with nice clean tools.

 I sliced the butter, hoping and praying that Lizzy Rose would come to my aid...
but she didn't. :(

I continued cooking, and to my delight, everything seemed right. This is what the frosting looked like before adding the orange juice...

...and after adding the orange juice. See the marvelous difference? By now I was very proud of myself. 

The cookies were done, and I was ready to collapse. But lucky for me, Lizzy Rose popped in just in time, and hepled me frost the cookies. What a lovely sister.

Don't they look much better with the frosting? 

 And boy, were they delicious. 
Luckily, we had powdered Kool-Aid lemonade packets in the pantry. So we made lemonade the easy way. But is was still rather good.
And our guests enjoyed everything. That's right. After an hour of cooking, the result was an empty plate of icing scraps and cookie crumbs. Oh well. At least they enjoyed it!
Now we are going to a friends b-day party. Can't wait!

What did you do for your Labor Day?


  1. wow that looks great!

    Bleah Briann

  2. Hey! I was off doing some... um, some VERY IMPORTANT chores... and that's why I couldn't help you with the cookies. *wink*

    Those cookies were SO yummy! We must make them again! :)

    Love you!

    In Christ,
    Elizabeth Rose

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Cool! Sounds fun, and looks delicious! And yes, they do look much better with the frosting. It adds a nice final touch!

    And about the comment you left on my blog, thanks for sharing, and explaining. I didn't know the environmentalists are saying we create too much oxygen. I don't even know how you can have 'too much' of it.

    I see where you are coming from. I just think we should take care of the earth, because some people litter and trash it. Also that the less plastic we use, the less litter.

    I appreciate you keeping your comment posotive, and I do agree with you in some ways about the global warming issue!

    P.S. I like the Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez songs you have on you music playlist!


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