Vanity is hard

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I just did a guest post over at Bleah's blog. Here is the post.

How many of you readers looks at herself in the mirror in the morning, and thinks
"If only my hair looked like this," or
"If only I had no pimples,"? 
I know I do, but is that really vanity?
I find the answer to that question is dependent on how many times you say that.
For example: if you have a small room, so you put three or four mirrors in the room. Every morning when you awake, at nighttime when you go to sleep, when you walk in the room to grab a book, when you pass the mirror getting while dressed, or you walk in the room for your purse before exiting the house on an errand, do you look at yourself in the mirror?

If the answer is yes, than that is vanity. But if you only look at yourself in the mirror to fix, your hair, maybe to see if you outfit coordinates correctly, than that is not vanity. Now do you see?

But some some people go to the other extreme: no mirrors.

No mirrors is almost as bad as twenty mirrors: if you don't look at yourself at all, you could walk out of the house with a see-thru shirt on, or wild frizzy hair. See what I mean? So in order to keep the right balance, try this challenge:

Try to look at yourself once in the morning, once at night, and once in the middle of the day.

In doing this, you can make sure that in the morning, you are wearing an appropriate outfit and hairdo, in the middle of the day, your outfit isn't getting disheveled, and in the evening, you can be sure that you hair is brushed, so that it does not get knotty.

 Can you see yourself in that mirror? You are beautiful the way you are.


  1. Good post, Bree! I loved how you explained this. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. I like to make crazy faces at myself in the mirror:)


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