After the Rain {Guest Post- Cassie}

Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn is, without a doubt, my favorite season of the entire year. 
I love everything about it. 
I love the chilly nip in the air. 
I love sweaters. 
I love hot tea. 
I love reading by the fireside. 
I love cozy socks. 
I love quilts.
I love how the weather is perfect for writing. 
I love the start of school. 
I love Thanksgiving. 
But, most of all, 
I love the rain. 

Something about rain always strikes my fancy and inspires me to create. It inspires me to be myself. It inspires me allow my inner artist to show itself. It awakens my poet's soul. 

After the Rain
An Ode
By Cassandra Noelle R.
A glimmer of sunlight
Shines through
The golden glow
Vanquishes the streams
Of rain from the
Emerald flora glitters
From the dew and
Little pools gather
Enter into this
New World
And discover this
God-given beauty
Gilding flowers with
Turquoise pearls of

Curious creatures are
Peeking their noses out of
Their warm, dry

Like a silent tiptoe
It breaks its furlough, a hesitant
Pitter-patter from the
Now, rapturously watch
As the sky
Opens up once

About the author...  Cassandra- or 'Cassie' as she is better known- is a 15-year-old girl, set-apart by Jesus Christ who saved her from the bondage of her sin. She loves words, pictures, family, friends, laughing, and life. Read her blog, 'Inside My Mind' and visit her complete profile to learn more about her. You can also contact her via email at cassie {at} literaryladies {dot} com


  1. Oh, I LOVE rain! Your poem was beautiful, Cassie. :)

  2. Great post, Cassie! I love fall too (though my personal favorite is winter) and I agree about how...perfect, it feels after rain. :)

  3. This might be asking too much but it would be SUPER great if you would post about the photography contest on my blog. It's just that it is ending soon and I only have 4 people joining. Again, you DO NOT have to do this, I would just really appreciate it!! The link is here

  4. That was beautiful, Cassie! Your poems always amaze me and make me wish I was a poet. They're awesome.:)

  5. what a lovely poem! I love the rubber boots! ;)

  6. Your poem (and entire post) was BEAUTIFUL!! You're very talented (:


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