As the Leaves Are Falling (a guest post by Nana)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I was honored when I got an email from the very sweet Bree asking me to guest post on He Designs My Life. When I asked what topic she wanted me to write about she answered, "fall".

Whoa! It is fall isn't it? How on earth did it happen? Yesterday it was summer, today it is fall. Where did the time go?

 I love fall. There is such a wonderful cozy warmth to the whole season. The crispness in the air, sweaters, chilly nights, wood stove fires, apples....the list goes on and on. And yet it always goes by so fast. We blink and it's Thanksgiving and holiday season and winter.

 Where I live life goes at an extremely fast pace. You can't miss a beat or you are so behind you have to rush even faster to keep in pace. That's how it is.  And when we are running headlong when do we have time for Christ? When can you spend time in prayer and study of His words? How can we hear His small still voice when we are too busy our agendas?

 Don't let this fall slip by. Take an hour or two. Grab a cup of tea of hot cider. Sit by the fire in that big over-sized sweater that you love. And listen to His voice.

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To look at me you would see a 5' 6", 120 pound, 15 year old, dark haired, dark eyed, way to technically minded, sister to eight (seven on earth and one in heaven) who I love with my whole heart, girl. Dig a little deeper and you would see that I am a sinner who's heart has been washed clean by the King of Kings using His blood for Lysol. Now my goal is to live a life totally for Him and being able to die knowing that I have served God to my fullest. Come along for the ride. With Christ as the Captain mapping out my journey, it's gonna be good. If you are interested in an invite to my personal blog "By The Way" shoot me a line hkingpeter [at] yahoo [dot] com. I'd love to hear fro you!


  1. I love autumn! My favourite part is the crisp weather and the smell of homebaked stuff when you come in the house. Oh yes, and I can't forget the feeling of waking up in a cozy warm bed when the air around you is cool :) So lovely! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. This was a lovely post, Brianna. You took one of my favorite seasons and made it into a beautiful lesson. Brilliant! :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  3. I agree with Elizabeth Rose. Is there more I need to add?...
    Great post! :)


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