Something Beautiful (Guest Post - Melody)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh how I love the beautiful colors of autumn. The reds, yellows and golds capture my eye and make me smile in delight. It's such a perfect season for photographs - the color just pops out at you, dazzling and delighting the senses.

Yet when I think of fall, I think of more than just the colors. There's so much more to see if you just look beyond the surface.

Fall always reminds me of how God can create something beautiful out of us, no matter how sinful or broken we may be. But we must first be willing to let go of our sin before He can change us.

Just like a beautiful maple tree can only change its color when it stops sending sap to its leaves, so we cannot become something beautiful until we are willing to stop finding delight in the things of our old selves.
We must be able to come to that place of surrender and say, "Lord, here is my old self. These sins which I once held so tightly to I no longer desire. Please take them from me."

And you know what Christ will do? Just like He transforms those leaves, He will transform your life as you are willing to relinquish yourself to Him. In a perfect twist, He will take the scars and pain of those sins, and transform them into something beautiful. Something to bring glory to Him as they fall to the ground in a glorious cascade.

Now isn't that beautiful?

Melody is a musical, beauty-seeking girl who blogs at Vividry and A Rose in God's Garden (her photography blog). Words and music notes are the mediums with which she expresses herself. She loves to look for the beauty in everything, because everything was made to reflect our Creator's beauty. Her highest goal is to glorify God in everything she is, does, and creates.

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  1. Amazing, Melody. You gave so much more meaning to my favorite season. What a beautiful post!

    Elizabeth Rose


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