The ABC's of Thankfulness

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am linking up to Rachel, from Finding Joy's ABC's of Thankfulness. 

a. - artful cooking. - (yes, we do do that.)
b. - bread. - especially french bread.
c. - 'cream' - as my little sister calls it. a.k.a. hand lotion. comes in handy in the winter.
d. - dance. - i am gonna copy you here on this on Hannah,becuase i completely agree. :)
e. - evergreen. - those trees that just happen to be for sale, now that thanksgiving is here.
f. - fall. - three words: i. heart. leaves. 
g. - gingerbread men. - you gotta love those little guys. 
h. - hats. - thank you, hats, for keeping my head warm in the winter.
i. - ice. - ice, you make the world a whole lot shinier.
j. - jars. that's right, i am talking old preserving jars, that now serve as lovely little jewelry boxes. (will post pictures)
k. - kleenex. - 'cause when you have a cold, they always stay there while you blow your nose. not to mention their boxes are adorable.
l. - love. - i most definitaly am thankful for love.
m. - mousse. - because it holds your curls. i highly reccomend it the dollar store brand. :)
n. - night. - so i can sleep.
o. - oh no! - i am glad we have such clever ways of expressing ourselves, aren't you?
p. - purses. - yup, i am a big fan of those wonderful little bags that carry all your goodies.
q. - quests. - for missing polly pocket clothes, that seem very important when you are 7 years old. it seems to happen a lot around here. 
r. - roads. - did you know that at one point it time, they didnt have 'em? 
s. - sewing machines. - 'please mom, please can i use it? please?'
t. - titanic. - because it makes a great writing topic.
u. - uggs. - because even though they are expensive, they are nice to look at. :)
v. - vacuums. - don't we all love them?
w. - water
x. - xhileration. - you know that target brand of clothing?
y. - young. - because i am still young, and don't have to worry about wrinkles for quite a long time. 
z. - zzzzzz.... - it equals sleep. and i love sleep.

Head on over to Rachel's and link up. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy the good eats, and remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving: giving thanks to God! :)


  1. That was a great list-and I too am grateful for all of them:)

  2. Wonderful list Bree! And dollar store mousse? You have every right to be thankful for that!!! It works and is a great deal.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for linking up.



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