All I Want For Christmas...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(I stole this idea from Bleah Briann)
Time for my Christmas list! And I have an extra surprise to go with.
After Christmas, I will tell you what I got off my list, and how it went. Let's hope I get lots 'o pictures!

  • Jeggings. Two pair. Black, grey, blue, anything. From Target. Large kids size.
  • Grey boots from BigLots. They look somewhat like the ones below, yet with sparkly threads in them, and shorter. :)

  • An Old Navy gift card. Yes, oh yes, I *love* Old Navy. Wonderful-ness.
  • Candy Canes. Who doesn't love 'em? I love them so much. Also, I want a nice, straight, Cracker Barrel peppermint stick. Similar, but not the same as the candy cane. 

That's all I want for Christmas - that's an easy enough list, isn't it, Santa?? *looks north, towards the pole that resides on the top of the earth.*

LATER EDIT: I am up to a hundred followers! Vote on the sidebar poll for what I should do to celebrate. 


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! yours is utterly darling! definitely following now! :)

    and i dearly love dancing too...

  2. really like the boots! and no pressure about doing the tag :)

    Love in Christ,


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