Friday, January 07, 2011

My design from Ara, at My Designer Girl, is now completed.

Raise your hand if you love it. *millions of hands shoot up instantly*. See? It's fabulous.

Thanks so much, Ara!

Remember when I put up that poll about what I should do for celebration of 100 followers? The vote was blog design, and what you didn't know, was that Awel - excuse me - Ara, was already giving me a blog design; a sweet birthday surprise! Though she was a little busy, she got the design up just in time for the new year. Isn't that great?



  1. Just gorgeous! Ara did a lovely job.

  2. *raises hand* I LOVE IT GIRLY! =D

  3. I love it! It's gorgeous! Ara is so talented.


  4. Oh, I LOVE the design! I love the little swirlies! Looks great!

  5. Hi Bree! Thanks for your comment on my photography! I DO plan on putting pics of my baby up but I'm so behind! I will though! (:

  6. *raises hand* it's beautiful! Though i'm definetly a pink person. Hahah I can't say I like yours more then mine simply because yours is VERY beautifuly you and mine is me. Ara is very good at doig that isn't she? Making it YOU! :)

    GO ARA! :D


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