Friday, January 28, 2011

confession: I stole this idea from Carlotta - all the credit goes to her.

confession: I adore writing in lowercase letters. Unfortunalety, Carissa Graham already has that trademark. :(

confession: I am *devastated* [and I really mean that - devastated] that My Designer Girl has shut down. Who else agrees with me?

confession: I am copying and pasting all of Ara's tutorials into a word document for my personnal use.

confession: I don't post enough.

confession: I don't post enough pictures.

confession: I contacted a girl named Ceara, at Ceara's World, because she wanted a blog design. She had a few questions, and I answered them in a comment, because I did not know her email. She has not replied. Where are you Ceara?

confession: that was not much of a confession, but more like a question.

confession: I am almost halfway through my book - 19,529 words!

confession: I am not very good at writing confessions.

confession: I have not started my homework, that is due on tuesday.

confession: I really want to post pictures of the projects I have been doing, but I haven't had the time to upload them.

confession: this should be my last confesion, but it isn't.

confession: I can't stop thinking about My Designer Girl shutting down - *cries, sobs and mourns*

confession: The previous confession was a *leetle bit* dramatized. But I will still miss her designs - dont do it, Ara!!!

confession: I need to continue Simplicity. I really do.

confession: I am done confessing I have nothing left to confess. Anyone else love doing this? It's so fun.


  1. R.I.P Designer Girl :(
    I to am copying some of her tutorials!
    Thats a whole lot of words....speaking of which I need to start working on mine more!

  2. Hmm...I was really sad because My Designer will be gone, but I saw this post and I decided to copy Ara's tutorials that might be useful in future:D


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