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Friday, February 04, 2011

Life Is Sweet

  1. Writing blog posts in italics. I love it.
  2. Re-writing my book yet again, this time, before I got too far in the second draft.
  3. Getting compliments from your dance teacher about your posture.
  4. Having your family's favorite football team in the superbowl. :)
  5. Ice cream and blueberry cobbler. YUM.
  6. Broken tea cups. Yep, broken. Click here to read why.
  7. Reading inspirational blogs, such as Shilah. Shout out to Ara: Thanks for posting so much about your book, and how many times you have re-written  re-mixed your book. It is very encouraging to this little author. :)
  8. Polyvore.  Never heard of it?
  9. Surprises. (Nope, won't tell you. It's a surprise.:D)
  10. Taking pictures.
Head over to Shilah (above link) to enter Life is Sweet. This month's giveaway is also there, and doing life is sweet is one of the ways to enter. 

1 comment

  1. I *love* Polyvore, except for the fact that it tempts me while I'm doing school! Argh! ;)


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