Yeah, I'm back...want to study my characters?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hence the title, I am back from my blogging break. It was great. :)

Also, I thought I might do some character studies to help you all understand my book a bit better.

Destiny Blair

 Destiny Blair is a young, hurt girl, barely 18 years into her adventurous life. She tried to block out all love when her father went missing in action, and was afraid to marry. It attept to avoid Taylor Burke,  a friend who wants to break through her shell, she falls headfirst into a romantic relationship with Jack Roland, a new man in the town, with an unknown past. 

Taylor Burke

 Taylor is a young, happy, loving boy, two years older than Destiny. He wants nothing more than to break through her 'shell', and at least be her friend. But when Destiny falls headfirst  into a trap she doesn't see, it's up to Taylor to save her. He is hurting inside from all the confusion, and doesn't know what to do.Besides, will his efforts be appriciated?

Marianne Blair

 Marianne is an adventurous 16 year old, full of wit and sensibility. Her passion is photography and fashion, and she makes nearly all her clothing. When the Blair family decides to move, she is full of excitement for the new adventure, despite her sister's depression.

Elizabeth Blair 

 A sweet, loving spirit, Elizabeth, (often called Lizzy) is engaged to Conrad Smith, and is head-over-heels in love with him. Though she knows she will miss her family when the move, she knows Conrad will keep her company, she trusts him fully. Her life, for the most part, is very blessed.

Jack Roland

Jack Roland is a unknown European man, who knows very well how large Destiny's inheritance is. He lost most of his money to gambling, after his father died. He wandered from city to city, trying to find the fortune he thought he deserved. When he found Destiny, he quickly be-frended her, and eventually persuaded her to go out on dates with him alone several times. Destiny is falling into his hands faster than even he had hoped.

So, yep, those are my characters. What do you think? Any questions?


  1. Ooh, saucy characters! Very captivating!


  2. Mmm, that sounds awesome, girl! Take care of Destiny! ;P
    Glad you're back; I've missed you!


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