staying modestly cool this summer

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Throughout the summer, we are confronted with problems, the main one being staying cool, and staying modest. Here are a few tips.

1. Skirts vs. Shorts
Many young girls think that it is immodest to wear shorts - I am fine with that, but personnally, I love a nice pair of shorts. Whether you wear shorts or skirts doesn't matter - what mattes is that you wear soemthing modest. Here's how to get the right length.

-When picking out a skirt, if it is more than two inches above the knee, you'll be wanting leggings underneath it.
-When picking out shorts, make sure that they are a good at least three and a half inches from your waist.

2. To Top It Off...
Yes, I know, it is very hard to find a good modest tank top. Sometimes it even seems like they get lower every year. But lucky for me, I have figured out a few note-worthy tips. And now, I'm gonna share them with you. =)

-Layer - and I mean layer. I have found several nice higher-cut-neckline shirts, but they just aren't that attractive on they're own. Here's were they come into the spotlight - undershirts. I love to take a basic, higher-necked tank, and wear it underneath a lovely, light-weight loose tank. Trust me, it turns out great.

-Start sewing! If certain straps are too long for your tastes, just take them (the straps, not the shirt) apart at the top seam, shorten, and sew back together!

-If all else fails, wear a high-necked t-shirt over the top. =)

3. Less Is Better
 Sometimes, it's very hard to get a good outfit in the summer - what with shorts, tank-tops, etc. And it's even harded to stay cool, what with modesty being somewhat heat-bringing. Here are some tips to stay modest, even on those 100+ days.

-Light colors. Has anyone ever told you that black 'attracts' sunlight? Well, it does. One way to stay cooler, is to wear light yellows, peaches, and even better, white. Plus, white matches everything!

-Drink water. Though this seems irrelevant, it is important to drink lots of water in the summer, to help your body cool itself down. So start guzzlin'!

-Stylish Headgear. There's an sort of old trick, to dip a bandanna in ice-water at the beginning of the day, and tying it around your head. It keeps your fore-head cool, and it can be a stylish accessory.

-Thin it out - wear as few layers as possible. I know that sometimes you have to wear three shirts, but please, let's avoid it as much as possible.

Hope these tip help! Do you have any tips of your own? I shoul dearly love to know. :)

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  1. Thanks for these tips!! I do have a few of my own too :P

    - Pull up your hair; I have waist length hair and it's a bear in the summer :P so I usually try to wear it in a bun or somehow get it off my neck. You sometimes don't realize how much it can warm you until you get it off your back.

    - Sandals; wearing socks in the summer is a big no-no for me...and whenever I find myself wearing socks I realize that I heat up a lot faster. If you're looking for a way to cool down, the best thing is to leave the top of your head and your feet free to "breathe" :P It helps a lot :)

    - I'm not a huuge makeup person, but I do like to wear a little now and then; in my opinion, summertime colours should be very light and natural looking, bringing out a glow and healthy look. I go for peaches, some shades of pink, and light browns/bronze.

    - Steer clear of tanning lotions. Gah, I think they look awful! (ok, that's a personal opinion lol) I like to get my tan naturally, but you've gotta be careful because too much sun can hurt your skin. Put on some sunblock and spend more time outside if you want to look healthier :D The sunblock will help protect your skin while still allowing for a bit of bronzing.

    That's all I can think of for the moment :P Do you think you could do a post on tanning, Bree? I'd like to hear your opinions on it too :D



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