FYD Update

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I have been writing a lot lately, and thought you might want an update on ho it's going. Aaand I included an excerpt. Just for fun. =)

Forever Your Destiny

word count: 11,392
page count: 82

“Why did he have to be the one to come first? Ugh! I wish it had been Jack. And he just walks right over here. Of course he does. Oh, why does he want to talk to me, what does he what from me? What does it take to convince a person you don’t want to talk to them?” Destiny thought, and ran her pale fingers anxiously through her curls, playing with them as she thought. A strong hand caught them in it’s warm, friendly grasp. 


  1. Very interesting excerpt! I think I shall take a peek at your FYD Word document... :)

    Love ya!
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. haha! Just don't tell anyone the secrets that you learn once reading it. =)

    ~b.r. holloway


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