Happy Birthday, m'dear sister!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Elizabeth Rose is fourteen today!

As a tribute to her, here are fourteen wonderful things about her:

  1. her gorgeously long hair. I'm jealous. 
  2. her sweet sensibility to be kind to everyone (think Jane Bennett)
  3. her love of God, and her good desire to be closer to Him.
  4. her motherly tendencies.
  5. her love of books.
  6. her wonderful writing skills.
  7. her infectious smile.
  8. her bright eyes.
  9. her witty sense of humor.
  10. her love of music.
  11. her desire to be good.
  12. her helpful hands.
  13. her delightful mannerisms.
  14. she will kindly remind me when I start to do something wrong not to do it. 
If you wouldn't mind, please post a comment below. Then, I will take all the comments, and put them together for her. Thanks so much, my dear friends!


  1. Here's my note to Elizabeth Rose:

    Happy birthday, dear Elizabeth Rose! I hope you have a beautiful and fun-filled birthday. Blessings to you on this special day and new year of your life. :)

    Love & hugs,

  2. Happy Birthday Elisabeth Rose!

    You forgot a great blogger! ;)

  3. Happy birthday to your sister!

  4. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Rose!!!! I hope you have a *fabulous* day! :)



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