Summer (guest post by Nana)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maybe it's because I was born in summer that I have always been partial to the season. There's a freedom about it. There's a coming alive again. There's an anticipation for what lies ahead. We recharge and prepare to take on yet another year. 

Have you ever found yourself looking forward to something and then wondered why on earth you are looking forward to that? This might be something only I do (I'm infamous for over evaluating things) but maybe there is another person out there who is with me on this. A few years ago I sat down and just thought of all the thing that, for me, makes summer the beloved friend it is. And here's what I came up with:

1. Barefeet: Mom says that I am neither a country girl or a city girl but a nice blend of both. I take this as a compliment as I am not all that impressed by either. :) Never has a truer word been said, though, and if you don't believe her it can be seen in the fact that I adore a sidewalk cafe but can be found between May through August barefoot. Shoes are an intrusion through these months (with the exception of the occasional flip flop) that I happily ignore until fall. 

2. Swimming: I have never swum on a swim team, I have never taken a single swimming lesson nor have I ever participated in a swim meet. Yet I love the water as much as a fish and would be contented to spend my life in there. We have a fairly large metal frame pop up pool on a gorgeous patio we built right in our backyard ready to be enjoyed anytime of the day. I do believe summer wouldn't be as amazing as it is without the pool. It's relaxing powers, it's relief from the sun, everything about it is just plain good for the soul. :)

3. Reading (and time to do it!): Yes, I can read all year round as much as I like but rarely do I have the time during school season and besides, nothing compares to the lazy summer afternoons spent with a good book (or even a not so good book!). Books nourish me...I am of the strong opinion that life without books would be the dullest thing ever. Hey, God gave us His word by a book. Therefore, they have to be important. Agreed?

4. Greenness: Why is it that my heart is instantly cheered when I look up and see all the brilliant enormous trees that surround our property? I could never live in any of those western states where there aren't any trees. I'm pretty sure I would go mad for want of something green (plus it's way too flat...have you people ever heard of hills and mountains??? :P) . Apart from the trees, by June our many gardens are in full bloom and putting their best foot forward. 

5. Harvest: It seems that fall is always thought of when you think harvest but really the majority of delicious veggies come, not in autumn, but in summer. There are few things as wonderful as picking a pepper or strawberry or tomato or lettuce out of your own garden and eating it right then and there. 

So what is it you love about summer? 

Much love,

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