Summer. A Metaphor for Life

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer is my absolute favourite season.

However, if you were to ask my why, I'd have difficulty answering.

I suppose it could be the warm days, the sunshine, the birdsong and the ice cream. It could be that most of my favourite memories are associated with Summer. It could be that I just love seeing the world green. Or it could be that summer sort of reminds me of, well, life.

Think about it. The sun is shining. Birds are singing, you smell flowers in the breeze, and a warm breeze floats through your hair. Life is rolling along pleasantly. 

 You have no worries or cares, no obligations other than to simply sit with the sun on your face, enjoying God's beauty. You smile, you laugh, and you know no sadness.

But then, the storm comes.

It rains, it pours, and it thunders. Worries and troubles come crashing down around you like rain, soaking you through until you are cold and wet and miserable. Looking to the sky, you can't imagine how life will ever get better. There can't possibly be a sun behind those clouds.

You feel as if all hope is lost.

Until one day, the worries end, and the clouds disperse. And from them burst the golden rays of sunshine, beautiful and wonderful and warm. Suddenly, you forget you ever were unhappy. You are so caught up in the pure joy of life, you forget there is such a thing as thunder. There was no rain.

But looking down at the soil, you see evidence of the storm. The ground is wet, the leaves are dripping...and flowers are growing. You realize that sometimes, in order to grow in our Faith, it is necessary endure a few storms. If we are strong, we come out more beautiful, and more determined.

I forgot to put my watermark on this one, so just...don't take credit for it, okay? :P

So that, my dear readers, is why Summer is my favourite season.


Gwenea is a young woman who strives to live life passionately and faithfully, serving her Maker every second. She is an aspiring photographer, a lover of fashion and an avid baker. She has a strange obsession with Period Drama films and ice cream. She believes in femininity, not feminism. She is also not very photogenic. ;) To discover more about her, check out her blog; Faithfully Feminine. She'd love if you stopped by!

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