Friday, July 15, 2011

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Not know what to do about your skin?
Having trouble finding out what color works best for you?
If you answered yes to either of those questions, this post is for you. As a fashion adict, and a color lover, I'm here to help you find good colors to go with your skin, what to love about it, and what to watch out for. :)

chalk-white - pale 
 Winter colors: I would go with darker colors such as maroon, black, and navy blue. A nice contrast is always good, especially if you have dark eyes.
 Summer colors: Light, summery colors are good to brighten up your complexion. You can't go wrong with colors like yellow, peach and pink.
What to love: Your pale skin is very feminine, and looks good with almost everything.
What to watch out for:
-Sun. Too much sun exposure can easily damage really pale skin. So lather up with sunscreen!
-White. Try to stay away from whites, as they can make you look washed out.

lightly tan - tan
Winter colors: I am lightly tan almost year-round (lighter in the winter), and greys, blues, and blacks always work best for me. Sometimes, I even wear white. Basically, stay minimalistic - these tones look best on you.
Summer colors: Bright red, any tone of blue, and pink usually work the best for me. I can also work with yellow, but not as well. Experiment with different colors, and find what works best for you. :)
What to love: You can make several different colors work with your skin tone, especially blues.
What to watch out for:
-Purples. They just don't look that great with my skin tone, and odds are they won't work for you either.
-Orange. This color is just wrong for you. It makes you skin look more orange than necessary.

 brown as a berry
Winter colors: White, bright pink, gold. Any of these colors will work, especially pink, which goes great with brown. :)
Summer colors: White, orange, light pink, pretty much anything but green and yellow.
What to love: Your dark tan makes you look like summer year-round, and goes with several colors.
What to watch out for:
-Too much sun. With a dark tan, it can be easy to constantly be in the sun, but too much sun exposure can produce early wrinkles, and increase the chance of skin cancer. So just be careful!

I hope these tips helped! If you have any more you like to add, just tell me. :)


  1. Excellent tips, Bree! This was a great post. :)

    Love you,
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Good advice. :D I used to have no idea what colors looked good on me, now I do!

  3. great tips, indeed! i've been a lazy rebel and have only worn makeup a handful of times all summer! : )


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