Monday, August 01, 2011


One word can mean so much. 

August is soaking up the sun by the pool.

August is attempting to keep cool 24/7.

August is fresh fruit and harvesting from gardens {read: about 1sq.yd. of dirt in backyard}.

August is lemonade and iced tea.

August is sweat dripping, as you walk in the weighty heat of midday.

August is buying school supplies; binders, notebook paper, etc.

August is for music that is freeing. Then again, what part of the year isn't?

August is maintenance classes (mostly pointe work) for dance. 

August is swinging in the breeze.

Welcome, August. 

I will enjoy you while you are here. 

Before you give way to the chilly autumn nights.

Please last, August.

Do not leave too quickly.

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  1. I see a common thread here... that's just how I am feeling this week. Summer gives us just a little longer!


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