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Thursday, October 06, 2011

I am entering Jo March's birthday blog party/giveaway! You should too. :)

{1} when you think of "old movies", what immediately comes to mind? Singin' in the rain. :)
{2} who's your one of you favorite film or literary heroes (or heroines) and why? Marguerite Blakeney, because she is so courageous, loving, and smart. oh, and witty too. 
{3} if you could live in a movie, which one would it be and why? probably The princess bride, just because I love it so much. :)
{4} music has changed a lot since 1900 - which "modern" type of music is your favorite? I like christian pop/rock. (brooke fraser and royal tailor are two of my favorites)
{5} any songs you'd like to share with us? yes, actually! I really like this song: 
{6} if your life had soundtrack (i wish mine did :d), what would yours sound like? a mix of beauty and strength. 
{7} when do you start counting down till your birthday? in January. my birthday is october 20th, in case you were wondering. 
{8} what makes your birthday special? the fact that it is in fall, and my family makes me feel like a princess on my special day. :)
{9} do you ever wish you were born in a different month? sometimes i wish my birthday was in summer. {10} pick and post five words to describe your personality - you can add a description under each if you like. 

Stop over at Jo's blog, and wish her a happy birthday! 


  1. What's the blog link? I'd like to enter it!


  2. Johanna - Here's the link:

    It should be linked on the text at the top too, but if that's not working, I just thought I'd leave this for you too. :)



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