God Gave Me 13...and still more to come

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today, I'm 13.

God gave me thirteen whole years of living in His grace, and I hope I'll have many, many more to come.

Today was a wonderful day - almost everybody I know stopped me and gave me a birthday hug. I feel warm, wonderful, and very loved. :)

For my birthday, I'd thought I'd go ahead and let you all tell me thirteen things you like to do on your birthday. Here are mine...

  1. Smile - scratch that - grin. :)
  2. Dance around the house like it's my last day.
  3. Sing all my favorite songs.
  4. Write (filled two more 8x11 pages for my notes for NaNo)
  5. Paint my nails.
  6. Experiment with new hairstyles.
  7. Take lots of pictures {this is actually an every day thing as well. :)}
  8. Eat yummy foods. (read: chocolate covered marshmallows)
  9. See my friends.
  10. Drink tea while writing blog posts (which I'm doing now, by the way. Ever had Lemon Lift? It's fantastic)
  11. Wake up early and see the sun rise.
  12. Wear boots (yup, it's that time of year again!)
  13. Hug everybody. :)
Hugs to you all!

P.S. Aeronautical Graphics will not be accepting any orders for the month of November, as I am doing NaNoWriMo, and simply will not have the time. :( Very sorry, friends!


  1. Happy happy birthday, Bree!

    Hmm, thirteen things that I'd like to do on my birthday...
    1) sleep in late and wake up to the smell of biscuits and gravy
    2) have a photography shoot with friends
    3) bake yummy goodies to eat lots of with friends/family
    4) light a good smelling candle and curl up with a good book
    5) laugh a lot
    ...well I only made it to five. I'd have to think about it some more. ;)

    (just thought I'd let you know...I thought you were older than 13, your writing is so mature!)

  2. Aw, thank you Emily!! **blushes**


  3. I certainly thought you were older too Bree! That's what shows through your writing!
    Hmm... 13 things?
    1. sing (I do that a lot anyway though)
    2. talk with friends
    3. have a special breakfast with my family
    4. eat comfort food all day!
    5. make chocolate cake
    6. spend forever figuring out what i'm going to wear
    7. play a board game in the evening
    8. give hugs to all the people who give me hugs, which is a lot
    9. read all the happy birthday greetings people send me
    10. play in the snow! (there's usually a 50% chance that there is snow, otherwise i just go for a walk. :D
    11. watch a favorite movie while eating popcorn
    12. drink apple cider
    13. thank God for the many amazing things He's doing in my life.

    happy birthday bree! i hope it was fantastic!

  4. Happy Birthday Bree! May God shower you with joys and blessings!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Decide if I want to do school. (which I don't have to do now, since I'm graduated)
    2. Pick meals
    3. Pick movie to watch


    Hmmm... well, other fun stuff, that varies from year to year! =) I like to do the computer, too. But, there isn't much of anything else that's 'traditional' for me to do. Oh, and wear comfy clothes...

    Congratulations on reaching a baker's dozen! =)


  6. Hipy Papy, Bree dear! :) Welcome to the world of teenagers, crazy and fun :)



  7. happy belated birthday!!! you are well beyond your years in wisdom... i know God has blessed you with that. may you have a wonderful year ahead.

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

    1. dress up.
    2. cook (I love to cook so I usually make my own cake etc.)
    3. laugh
    4. play music
    5. dream
    6. write in my diary
    7. spend time outside
    8. check my email (ok, I do this every day but still...)
    9. watch movies
    10. go do something fun.
    11. read
    12. take pictures of the celebration
    13. ENJOY THE DAY!


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