NaNo Update ~ 11.19.11

Monday, November 14, 2011

Word Count: 30021 (these are my word count and page count for last night - I haven't started writing yet today)

Page Count: 96

Weekly excerpt: While she overflowed with her questions and apologies for Morality, Prince Alexandre stayed standing shyly right inside the gate, hoping not to be noticed. He kept his hands deep in his pockets, and his head down. With the kind old gentleman, and the beautiful young girl beside him, hair dancing in the clear gray light of early morning, he seemed out of place in the picturesque pasture. And now, as the sun began to rise, shining on the beauty inside the gate, he felt even more out of place. 
“All your questions will be answered in due time, my love, but first, who is this boy who stands as though he were unwelcome at the gate of my pasture?” Morality asked, putting on a fa├žade of sternness. Then louder, so that Alex could hear, he said, “Does he not know that all those who knock may enter? That all those who enter are welcome?” 
- (c) Bree Rosalie Holloway 2011

Notes/comments: Though I have gotten behind several times, I have caught up pretty easily. I think the reason is motivation and inspiration. Especially inspiraion. I find it's a lot easier to make myself sit down and wrte a couple thousand words this year than it was last year. Why? Because I like my story line a whole lot better. :)

Listening to: Shadowfeet by Brooke Fraser  (you really should hear it if you haven't already - great song.)


  1. Sounds like an exciting story, Bree! Keep up the good work :). I'd like to do NaNo next year maybe after I finish my current novel.
    Many blessings,
    P.S. your blog is really nice btw!

  2. this is so exciting. you are well on your way!!! good work, girlie! so thrilled for you. love the excerpt - it sounds amazing.

  3. Joy: Thank you! You definitely should do NaNo - it's very fun. :)
    Carissa: Thank you! 30,000 was the goal that we needed to reach by Friday, so I was very glad I wasn't behind. :)



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