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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hi there! I'm Gwen, and I was asked to Guest-post for Bree today. Before I begin, may I just say how honoured I am! :)

Since it's November, the American month of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd do a post on thankfulness, and what I have to be thankful for.

What does it mean, to be thankful?
Does it mean to accept a gift or a blessing, say a polite "thank-you" and then be on your way? Or does it mean to express our gratitude in many ways? When one is truly thankful for a gift, one treats it with respect, cherishes it, and cares for it.

Take, for example, the gift of life. What a precious, precious gift it is! God has given us a unique soul, has made us into concious beings. And yet most of us treat this gift like garbage. How many people in our present culture truly appreciate this beautiful gift? Not many. Everywhere we turn, people are treated with disrespect and lack of dignity worthy of the gift they carry. Little children are killed without so much as a second thought.  The elderly and ill have their lives cut short, for convenience's sake.

We have so many blessings, and so many gifts. Even the poorest and most miserable of us has something to be thankful for.

What am I thankful for? I'm thankful for..

  • A roof over my head.
How many people in this world have no home to live in? Too many. And I am blessed with a warm and comfortable house (and soon, a bigger one!)
  • A family who loves me.
How many people live with abusive, anger-filled families, or do not even have a family at all? I am blessed with a loving, amusing and loyal family.
  • Plenty of food to eat.
How many people don't even get a single decent meal a day? Me, I get at least three, plus the times that I wander around the house looking for a snack. How blessed I am!
  • Lots of clothes to wear.
 Too many, really. I don't wear half of them. How many people have only a few rags to clothe themselves? Aren't I lucky, to actually have too many clothes!
  • Lots of books to read.
Our house is practically bursting at the seams with books. Every single room in our house (aside from the bathrooms) have books in them. How many people don't have a single book to read?
  • A computer.
How many people don't have the luxury valuable time online? Aren't I lucky?
  • Sunsets.
Cause they're lovely.

  • Clean water.
How many people only get a few drops of dirty water a day? How blessed I am, to be able to drink as much clean, fresh water as I want on a daily basis.
  • Flowers.
Because they're also lovely.
  • Period Dramas.
Because they make me happy.
  • A reasonably good singing voice.
Because I love to sing. Especially when I'm sick, bored or working.

I'd go on, but I don't want to ramble!
What are you thankful for? What blessings has God showered upon you?

May God bless you!

Gwen is a fifteen year old daughter of Christ. She dedicates her life to pleasing her Lord, writing short stories, taking ridiculous amounts of pictures, entertaining her six younger siblings and occasionally, designing blogs. She is an extreme period drama and Jane Austen fan, as well as a costume-freak and baker. She'd love to be able to sew, but so far, hasn't had much success. She's a bit of a movie geek, as well as a bookworm, but isn't exactly "book-smart." To get to know her better, visit her blog; of Femininity and Daydreams. She'd love it if you popped by! 

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  1. what a sweet post! those are all amazing things to be thankful for. Thanks for linking up to the blog party!


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