Friday, November 11, 2011

yes, I am breaking my blogger fast just momentarily. I simply couldn't pass this one up. Click the picture to enter. :)

Hi, I'm Bree Rosalie Holloway (mouthful, no?) but you can call me simply Bree. I'm a laugher, a dancer, and a lover. Laughter lives in my soul, and bubbles up through my skin. Dancing is embedded in my blood, though neither of my parents ever did any dancing-related activities. Love is my motto. God is my Shepherd, and with him guiding me, I know life will be full. 
Want to know more about me? Here are some of my quirkiest absurdities...
- I love learning French. Call me crazy, but I truly do. What language will you/are you/did you learn in highschool?
- I don't wear matching socks. Ever. (and did I mention on purpose?) Matching socks are so boring - I like to mix it up. Just to make life colorful. :)
- I really wish I could do a Scottish accent. My only accent is a slight Southern one (that comes naturally) and I can do a pretty good Queen's English impression. ;) 
- I live in the South, and say y'all, but I say a handful of Northern things as well.
- I chew gum a bit loudly. 
- I love black and white photos. See the below. :)

1} What's the nerdiest/geekiest/weirdest thing about you? My graphic-design oriented brain. Ever since I started blog design, a bad, tacky design drives me nuts. I can't stand it. You know what's weirder? My brain starts telling me exactly what to do to fix problems like that. For example, if I see the sidebar pushed down the the bottom of the page abnormally, I think "well, if you just shrink the width of the post area...". :) Weird, right? 

2} If you could live in a fictional universe from any book, movie, or television show, what would it be? Narnia. Hands down. I love the characters, creatures, and everything about it. If not Narnia, probably Middle Earth. :)

3} Little or big, practical or frivolous, what is one of your favorite items in your house? I don't really have one, other than my dear Mac. :) 

4} Do you like animated movies? If so, what is your favorite? I love animated movies! My favorites are Tangled, and the three Toy Story movies. I'm a sucker for comedies. 

5} What is your favorite household chore? I would say cooking, but I can't call that a chore. :) Probably laundry. I don't mind folding clothes, and it's much better than some other things. 

6} What's your favorite thing to get at Starbucks (or your favorite coffee shop)? Ah, Starbucks. I love their drinks. My favorite currently is hot apple cider with whip cream and cinnamon on top. Mmm. But I really want to try a pumpkin spice latte this year. 

7} What is your favorite pizza topping? Probably bacon. Especially on barbeque chicken pizza, my favorite type. Ever tried it? If not, you don't know what you are missing! :)

8} Waffles or pancakes? Ooh, hard one. I think I'm gonna go with waffles, since they are more rare in our house.

9} Do you like to play games? If so, what is your favorite? Yes, I love games. Charades is a favorite in our house, along with apples to apples. We could play that game for hours, and occasionally me do. :) Another game we love is Pit. It's a really old game, but so much fun. It's more fun with a ton of people, and so we played it last year with friends on New Years Eve. It was a blast. 

10} Have you ever let anyone win a game? I don't think so. Unless it was my four year old sister. :) Yeah, I'm a little competitive. 

11} Have you ever dyed your hair? No, but sometimes I wish my hair was lighter. :)

12} Do you make your bed every morning? Well....nope. :)

13} Picasso or Norman Rockwell? I don't know - I'm not a huge fan of either. 

14} Do you like carpet, tile, or hardwood floors? It depends on the room. For bedrooms, either will work, but for pretty much every other type of room, hard wood is the best.

15} If you could put one thing in a safe under your bed, what would it be? My journals. :)

16} What's your favorite condiment? Hmm, not sure. I'm not a huge condiments girl. :)

17} Have you ever thrown up on someone (excluding when you were a child)? Not that I know of. I really hate to vomit, so I do everything to avoid it. :)

18} What was the last thing that made you laugh? One of my friends. She always makes me laugh. A lot. :)

19} Think fast...what's the first song that pops into your head? Beauty's Just A Word by Rachael Lampa. I love that song. :)


  1. I loved reading this! Tangled makes me so happy, as do black and white photos, and you really really really need to try a pumpkin spice latte! They are incredible. :)

  2. i love your pictures. so pretty!!! i never wear matching socks either. and sometimes there's hole involved. maybe i ought to buy some new ones... but who ever wants to spend money on socks?! that is my dilemma. : ) have a great weekend.

  3. Gorgeous photos, friend! Your "graphic design oriented brain" sure does come in handy...I have loved your designes on my blog! You are so talented.

    Loved your answers!

    Have a great day!

  4. Love the pictures, Bree! I really like the Toy Story movies too :) hee hee Oh, and you TOTALLY should try a pumpkin spice latte! they're soo yummy! :D

  5. Pit is an awesome game. It was fun reading your answers to the questions.

  6. Pit is a very fun game! My family always loved it!! :)

  7. Hi Bree... I like hot apple cider, Tangled and Toy Story...and mustard...and hardwood floors! The Lord is my Shepherd too!

    I enjoyed all of your answers, and it was nice meeting you. I am Abigail's Grandma Linda.

    Have a Great Day!

  8. I loved reading your answers! And your pictures are amazing!

  9. I wish I didn't always wear matching socks, but see, when my momma sorts through the laundry, she puts the socks together with their match, and so it becomes a matter of "do I want to take the time to go looking for another pair of socks, just so I can wear socks that don't match?" Ha! I know...that's the opposite problem that most people have. :P

    I've heard Starbucks has delicious apple cider, but I've never had it! I tend to ALWAYS get coffee when I go. I just can't get myself to get anything else. You should definitely try a Pumpkin Spice Latte...they're delicious! Though, you'd better hurry, because I think they're going to be leaving soon-ish.

    Ugh...I HATE vomiting, as well. I normally only vomit 2 or 3 times when I've got the stomach flu, and that's normally only because I'm asleep, and when I wake up I literally can't hold it back. Ok, so that's gross. Sorry. haha. :D

    Thanks for linking up! I hope you're having blast hopping around and getting to know new people! :)


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