the 7 biggest myths about fashion

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I mentioned a post or two back that I was going to give you guys my take on the 7 biggest myths about fashion. Obviously, this isn't anywhere near official, it's just the 7 myths that I hear often, and wanted to debate. So with that much being said, read on friends! :)

  1. Brown and Black *never* go together.
Wrong! Although brown and black are not always the best shades to combine, anyone who puts a little effort in their choices can make them work. Here's a sample of good browns and blacks that go together:

2. Two patterns cannot be worn together 
 Once more, wrong. True, stripes and polka dots really aren't the best idea. But imagine a blue and white striped, boat-neck shirt, with some cute floral shorts (in the summer, of course). Cute, right? Exactly my point. :)

3. Long skirts are for old ladies
 Who says? The truth of the matter is, nobody in specific. Although your grandmother probably did wear a floor length skirt back in the day, that doesn't necessarily make it old-fashioned. Whatever happened to loving vintage? Just think of long skirts as vintage. 'cause they are. Especially white, flowing ones, worn with skinny brown belts and peachy tops. (sorry, I was having a daydream)

4. High-heels are better than flats any day.
Now, while I *somewhat* agree with this, it's not a rule, or at least it shouldn't be. Yes, high-heels are adorable.  No, high-heels are not a staple. At least not for everyone. I know several taller people who feel self-conscious in high-heels, because it makes them feel like giants. And, I mean, hello! Have you seen those cute flats out there? Take a good look at the following:

 via Target
 via Old Navy
 via Old Navy
via Old Navy

And that's not even mentioning Toms...:) (which I still have yet to get a pair of...I feel so behind...)
5. Skinny jeans aren't fashion
Skinny jeans are cute. I won't lie, I wear them nearly every day. But it that really, truly fashion?

Some would argue, no, they aren't. Skinny jeans are just another type of jeans. Real fashion is unique pieces of clothing that only you and two other people on the planet have. Fashion is wearing lots of varying pieces, of different colors, shapes and styles. Fashion means that you have to wear something unique, even if it's a bit crazy, because nobody else is wearing it.

Others would argue that yes, skinny jeans are fashion. Skinny jeans, Hollister tops, and Toms/Uggs are all you ever need to look fashionable. Who cares that everyone else is wearing it? That must mean that you are in fashion as well as they are.

So what's the answer, yes or no? Truth is, there's no real answer that will work for everyone. I'm not going to choose what the answer is for you - that's something you'll have to decide for yourself. What I will say is this - when I wear skinny jeans, I don't just wear them the way they are. I tend to lean just *slightly* towards the first option, because skinny jeans are everywhere, and wearing them is not going to make you unique. But who says how you dress defines you? It doesn't.

What I am saying is that when you wear skinny jeans, you have to be aware that many other people around you are wearing them as well. If you are looking to be unique in your fashion, but still love your skinny jeans, try mixing it up. Wear leg warmers over your jeans, or wear a dress/long shirt instead of a normal one. Try some really interesting tops with belts, sweaters, etc, to distract the eye from the usual skinny jeans. See what I'm saying? :)

6. Real fashion is immodest
Most of me agrees with this - have you ladies seen what some people wear nowadays? It's appalling. But you can still be fashionable, without showing off all your skin in an un-Godly manner. I did a post about this last summer, so you can read more on what I have to say about that here.

7. Shorts are only for summer time.
I must admit, I used to believe in that too. But dance has taught me something wonderful, besides simply how to dance. :) Yes, shorts can be worn in the winter. And yes, it will look completely fine. Wondering how? I'm sure you know what leggings are. They're probably my favorite article of clothing, simply for how useful they are. So yes, I have worn leggings underneath shorts before. I like the way it looks, as well as making a possibly too-short pair of shorts suddenly modest. {longer} shorts can also be worn with colorful tights and cute little booties for a very artistic look. {dear Ilene over here does it often, and never fails to look smashing}
So there you have it, my seven biggest fashion myths. I have one or two more, but they weren't as big as these, so I stuck with 7. Plus, 7 is just a better number than 9, don't you agree?


  1. That has been so fun to read. Thanks for sharing about those fashion myths =D.
    Joy @

  2. Hi Bree,
    I awarded you on my blog! :)

    God bless,

  3. i needed this lesson, so thank you. : ) ever since i became a mom, i cringe if i have to wear heels. ha! those flats are looking mighty fine! and i'm slowly learning that black and brown together can work.


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