Sunday, January 15, 2012

Have you ever had one of those days when there is so much work to be done, but you don't feel like doing any of it? At all? Yesterday was one of those days. And now the homework has piled up, waiting for me to comlete it. What's that? I should stop blogging and get on it? You're probably right. :) But I have some things to tell you first. :)

1. blog design
yes, you heard right, my design site is not just a site anymore - there's a shoppe! {really excited about this}. the waiting list is full for january, but you can order just as soon as february rolls around. oh, and there's a new design too. go check it out.

2. fashion
i'm being a bad blogger, and haven't been posting my outfits lately. wondering why? i haven't been wearing interesting outfits. *blushes* i fear i'm getting quite dreary. let's change that, shall we?

3. hotchocolatecoffeeteahotchocolateagain 
^^my drink habits as of late.^^ i'm sure it's doing wonderful things to my health, no?

4. *shutter* *snaps* *click*
that sound that I can't wait to hear. did i tell you we got the cannon rebel t3i for christmas? {insert squeals here}it's a bit of a package deal, but the idea is, we can't use it just yet. excercise in patience, ohyes. good for me? yeah, probably that too. but i promise, i will post pictures as soon as they are taken. you'll actually probably be tired of all my picture posting by the end of february.

5. just grab your suitcase, we'll venture cross the world
 i'm having symptoms of travel fever - not saying that the eiffel tower,  scotland and england weren't always tempting, but now more that ever... what is it about foreign countries that makes them so appealing? *sigh* oh well, i'll have to resign myself as a travel-dreamer. who will join me? :)



  1. LOVELOVELOVE hot chocolate too! And congrats on winning the much love illy "we love colors" giveaway! (just thought I'd tell you that you won in case you didn't see it in time :])


    1. Thank you, no I hadn't seen that! :)


  2. congrats on your blog shop! how fun! and yes, put some clothes on and post some outfits for us! ; )

  3. I am a travel dreamer too. Definitely want to go somewhere one day... :)

    Found you through the comments on Pastor's Girl's Ponderings.


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