Happy Birthday, Ava!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Today, it's my dear sister Ava's fifth birthday.
Oh goodness, it's so hard to believe she is already five. :) It seems like just yesterday, we were watching her take her first steps across the worn carpet in the living room, that bore 5 similar occasions.
Ava is the "baby" of the family.
An adorable little munchkin, always happy about the littlest thing.

It reminds me of how sweetly simple life was at that age. No promise of homework tommorow, laundry to be done, schoolwork to occupy your time, events you want to go to, worrying about what to wear, millions of books you want to read, etc. Just simple, normal days.

Happy birthday, precious! I love you mucho. :)

p.s. please excuse the mess around here. i'm in the midst of organizing. :)


  1. Happy birthday, Ava! I can not believe how big she is getting...they grow too quick.

  2. Aw, happy birthday to her! :) I love her little hair flower!


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