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Saturday, March 31, 2012

{1} - i read Mockingjay yesterday. of all the Hunger Games books, that one is the saddest. though the end is happy, the sad middle is barely made up for. i also wish she explained the epilogue more.

{2} - see that button at the top of my sidebar about Lucia's giveaway? click on it. it's absoblutely lovely. oh, and beautiful too. 

{3} - i haven't taken any pictures lately, thus the lack of picture posts. (the weather has been a tad fickle, and we have been very busy, making for not-so-good photo options.) actually, make that the lack of posts. oh dear...

{4} - i have been in love with italics lately. don't ask me why. maybe it's just how feminine and sweet it looks. it's almost as though i've re-discovered a passion that i forgot about for a long time. a passion that only existed the first couple weeks i got my first computer. hehe. :)

{5} - pinterest is addicting. and i'm addicted. too many cute things on there. how is it possible? i am now in love with things that before pinterest, i didn't know existed.

beautiful sunset.


frighteningly true. 

the berries that started everything. 

gorgeous idea.



love it. :)


feathers and dust.

gorgeous sunrise on the water.

couldn't have said it better myself.

see what I mean?


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