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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lately, I've been loving poptarts. They have always been one of my favorite little treats for breakfast. I love the way the crumbly edges, the sweet frosting, and the sticky jam combine into one delicious breakfast pastry.

I've also been loving dear Lucia's blog. And her photo challenges.

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lucia, etc.

And bubble gum is always on my agenda. Even dubble bubble, though it looses it's flavor so fast. :)

What have you been loving?

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  1. gorgeous photos! i better check out that photo challenge. oh, can you believe that i don't like bubble gum?? crazy, huh?!

  2. beautiful bree! thank for joining me!

  3. THANK YOU for also loving poptarts. literally such an amazing food. my favs are brown sugar. :) such a healthy way to start the day, no?!

    right now i'm loving my husband. *no duh :)
    we have gone through some tough stuff the last couple weeks but I love how he keeps drawing me out and making our relationship a priority.

    happy tuesday to you friend!

  4. I love pop tarts now way more than I did as a kid! ;) so yum!


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