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Monday, April 02, 2012

1 - I'm pretty sure this is the best giveaway out there. What girl doesn't want to win her choice of shoes? Go check it out. :)

2 - I am wearing shorts today. Shorts, y'all. And you know what the temperature was this morning, when I looked at the weather report on my dashboard? It's 85 degrees farenheit today. *does happy dance*

3 - Inspired by about a thousand different bloggers, I have been making several photo collages lately. And doing double-exposure editing on some too. For example:

not really sure about ^that^ one, but i really like the following one...
 (keep in mind that i have very little experience in this area, and am therefore not very good at it! :) )

4 - i've gotten a lot of questions regarding the waiting list over at my design shoppe. (i.e. what is it, how does it work, etc.) the waiting list is simply a little list of all the customers who have ordered that month, or ordered ahead. if there is a slot below them that says "still open", then go ahead and order! if there are no open slots, you can order ahead for the next month, or wait until that month rolls around, and order. :)

5 - i'm sure the mis-matched-ness around here is getting to you like it is to me. don't worry, i'm almost done with the new look. :) I just need to tweak a couple of things, so they are just right. (sorry, bit of a perfectionist here). and that little surprise i mentioned a bit ago? yeah, that's coming soon too. stay tuned. :)

6 - looking for some more traffic to your blog? we got a couple empty slots for sponsorship this month - check it out here. :)

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