Beautiful People: Communist ("Community")

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am linking up with Beautiful People today - this month we are talking about villains. I only have one villain so far, and thus, you may get to know him better than you ever wished. :)

1. What is their motive? Selfishness. Communist desires to own everything and everyone. He also has an other-worldly fear of being poor. And money-lust is always a strong motive. 

2. What are they prepared to do to get what they want? Most everything. The only thing Communist wouldn't do is risk his own life. You see, self-preservation is very important to him. Even if it means the unwilling giving up of his desires. As long as he is alive, he considers himself the victor.

3. Are they evil to the core, or simply misunderstood? Evil to the core, I am afraid, though at times I get the false hope that he is otherwise. He certainly is misunderstood, though. Too many people think he is doing something much higher, much better than he really is. 

4. What was their past like? What about their childhood? Was there one defining moment that made them embrace their evil ways? He was born in the slums of a distant city. His first memory was in a street at night, all alone. He survived in this city for twelve years, only through much theft and mendacity. He finally grew tired of this lifestyle, and moved to the country, where a strange man on the side of the road took Communist into his home. Communist had yet no name, and called himself "The Man". Though first strangely thankful, and feeling indebted to the man who took him in, Communist soon found his motive to be ulterior, though it bothered him not. In fact, once the age of twenty, he helped him create many machines and inventions of unknown quantity and functionalities. All that was know of them was that they all became illegal in coming years, and the two were put into jail for their work. This was the defining moment for him, when the rage, boiling up was pent inside of him, and he became reprobate. After an unknown about of years in prison life, they were released, though the other man did not make it out alive. From here, Communist looked at the world as his enemy. 

5. Now that they’re evil, have they turned their back on everyone, or is there still someone in their life that they care for? (Brother? Daughter? Love interest? Mother? Someone who is just as evil as they are?) The one man who cared for him is the only one who ever found a soft spot in his stone-hard heart. Now that he is no longer alive, Communist does nothing more for anyone than defend his partner-in-crime at the last.

6. Do they like hugs? If you dared get close enough to him to touch him, you'd be lucky to be uninjured, if that answers your question. ;)

7. Are they plagued by something? (Nightmares, terrible thoughts?) Nightmares, yes. All the time. I would say he was plagued by terrible thoughts, but he certainly wouldn't call his thoughts that.

8. Who are they more similar to: Gollum or Maleficent? I have not the pleasure of knowing Maleficent, but I can say that Communist is not much like Gollum, other than his self-absorbed-ness. 

9. If your villain could have their choice of transportation what would it be? Whatever gets him there fastest. Communist is not a patient man. 

10. If you met your villain in the street, how afraid would you be? Are they evil enough to kill their creator? I would certainly be frightened. But I don't think he would kill me - he doesn't kill without reason. And he only has one thing against me - at first, I tried to make him a bit more likeable. As you see, it didn't exactly take. 

“I am Communist the great! No one will ever defeat me!”
“Is that so?” the man asked. “Well, you better get used to disappointment.” 
A long white arrow flew from the darkness.
 - A Whisper In The Woods

thoughts on blog theme

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To tell you the truth, I'm really nervous about publishing this post. Here goes...

I've been doing some thinking on modesty and fashion lately. I noticed that one of two of the outfits that I have posted here while seemingly harmless to us girls, could be a stumbling block or guys. As far as I know, I don't have any guy readers (am I wrong? vote on the sidebar poll) but you never know who's going to come across you blog, and I don't want to take chances.

Now, here comes the hard part - I am changing my blog over to a writing blog. Part of this decision is because of the above point (have you read this? it is eye-opening.) , but most of it is just for privacy reasons. While I love posting what I've worn, I don't feel totally comfortable putting that much of myself on the internet for anyone to see. :/

Anyway, I have also been considering joining Beautiful People monthly, along with post snippets of my writing, and updates on what I have been doing lately, writing- & book-wise.

Before the modesty issue, I was getting confused about what I wanted the purpose and the focus of my blog to be. But after looking back at some old posts, and praying about it, God closed the other doors, and left this one open. Isn't He wonderful?

Does this mean I am never going to do any fashion-related posts on my blog anymore, and everything I do is going to be centered around writing? Absolutely not! It just means that I won't be posting pictures of myself in clothing anymore (I would love to get a mannequin so I could still do outfit posts, but we'll see how that goes!) and I'll be doing a lot more writing posts. And I'll still post life updates, as well as photo studies/photo shoots. :)

I hope y'all understand why I'm making this decision, and I ant to that you for all your constant support through incredibly sweet comments and emails. You make my day. no. joke.
I also hope you are as excited for these new changes as I am! :)

Tea & Bree

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Those changes I talked about yesterday? They are here today. After *much* thought, I have decided to change my blog name from He Designs My Life to Tea and Bree.
Why this seemingly sudden change? Tea and Bree is shorter, easy to remember, and I think it expresses me a little better.
Don't get me wrong, I loved He Designs My Life. But...I didn't really have a reason to choose it in the first place - it was just a random idea that I liked. Tea and Bree on the other hand describes me quite well. :) Those of you who know me better know that tea and coffee are my main fuel. And they are my two favorite beverages. Since Tea and Bree rhymes and flows of the tongue better than Coffee and Bree, I figured it was the keeper. :)

And of course, with a new name comes the opportunity necessity to re-design. So I did. Like?

So here's to fresh new designs, ideas, and summer at our fingertips. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to dive in headfirst. :)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

The world around us is so beautiful, and so reminiscent of God's creativity, far more vast than any human being - why don't we notice it more often? We say, "I love capturing beauty in little things" (at least I do) but sometimes we are so busy capturing the little beauties that we miss the big ones. Yes, tears are beautiful, but so are smiles. Every rose has it's thorns, but does that mean we have to focus on them? 
Take time to stop and smell the roses today, hug someone who maybe you wouldn't normally hug, and tell someone you love them. You only live once, right? Let's make our lives special and memorable. 

they should know we are Christians by our love.

I want to capture everything beautiful I see - small or big. I want to gather it all, and share the story of God & His beauty. Care to join me?

p.s.  Keep your eyes on HDML - there are some big changes coming, including design changes. 

Mango Yogurt

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I don't think I've ever mentioned on this blog how much I love publix-brand mango yogurt. It's probably my favorite {healthy} snack. :) Fresh, cold, creamy, mmm...And plus, tropical is definitely a bonus.

Whats your favorite snack?

p.s. - dance recital was last night! Still can't believe it's over. On another note, I am going to be rather busy this week with a *cough* quite exciting *cough* event going on. so, you're going to have a couple scheduled posts coming up. :) See you soon, dears!

late-night brownies

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sticky fingers
chocolate moustaches
big bowls
licking spatulas
singing along to the radio
stirring vigourously 
sniffing delicious chocolate
licking chocolatey fingers while watching bbc's Emma.

Late night brownies and a movie. We don't do it often, but when we do, it's kinda a big deal. The other evening, we sat down and watched Emma with delicious, gooey brownies. The men were away, so we felt like having a girls' night. :) And plus, Romola Garai does a fantastic job as Emma--we love that movie.

Do you have light-night brownie nights at your house? :)

Miscellany Monday - Bree Edition

Monday, May 14, 2012

miscellany monday at
lowercase letters

Aeronautical Graphics has been re-opened! New design, new packages, new...well, everything. :) Go check it out.

pssst! Speaking of blog designs, go check out this little giveaway I am proudly sponsoring. Oh, and entering wouldn't be a bad idea either. :)

Air shows are loud. There ain't two ways about it.

When your planned strawberry-picking trip is cancelled, because you get there just to see a sign on the door stating that all the strawberries have been picked, what's the best thing to do? Why, visit the {quite expensive} vintage shop down the road, of course! Oh, and that girly boutique? Yeah, have some fun there too. 

 (especially if you see a beauty like this!)

What have you been up to lately? 

butter yellow cake

Saturday, May 12, 2012

For my little brother's birthday, I challenged myself to make him a chess cake, since he and I are the biggest chess players in the house. The two of us together...yeah, it's pretty intense. :)

I started off with a classic Betty Crocker butter yellow cake (love the buttery-sweet taste of this), and frosted it with alternating squares of chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting. Here is the end product (poor photo quality)

whatcha think? :/

Beautiful People: Faithful Speceam

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Writting isn't really the theme of this blog. But, though you all may not know this, I am a writer. (note: I am not a published author yet, but I hope to be someday.) :) And, I feel the need to open up the door to the soul of my main character Faithful Speceam (Speh-SHE-am) in my NaNo novel of last November, "A Whisper in the Woods". (used to be titled, "A War For Love") So today, I am linking up with Beautiful People. Here goes! :)

1. What is their favourite type of shoes?
Faith is less than unenthusiastic about what she wears. (opposite of me) All that matters is that she is clothed and confortable. But when it comes down to it, the pair she loves most would be her leather boots. They are a simple pair of shoes, but finely crafted. 

2. Do they journal? 
Journaling is a luxury Faith could never afford. Her time is clipped and precious. It has been a long time since she has even held a pen in her hand, for the need is so little. 

3. What’s their favorite animal? 
A dog named Rose. Faith and this dog have a special sort of relationship, budded in Faith's childhood, and in full bloom when the story begins. 

4. What does their average day look like?
Faith awakens somewhere between 5:45 and 6:00 every morning, eats a quick breakfast, (consisting of one piece of coarse bread and a cup of water) and leaves for the woods/the pasture. She spends the majority of her day in the pasture, talking with Morality, and taking care of the sheep. When she returns home it's near dark, and she usually eats a bowl of cold soup her mother has left out for her, and goes to her room. Mrs. Speceam doesn't bother to ask after her, and spends the evening in her own bedroom. Often a day will pass without a word going between the two. 

5. Night owl or morning person? (Optional: What time do they usually wake up? Go to bed?) 
Faith is a morning person, by all means. She does her best thinking and planning in the morning, and thrives on a good night's sleep, though she rarely gets it. Faith wakes up around 6:00 every morning, and gets in bed between 11:30 and 12:00. Usually, though, she spends more time in deep though in bed, and often will not fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. 

6. Do they have a sweet tooth? 
Yes. Faith is partial to anything sugary. :)

7. What colors are their bedroom? 
Faith's bedroom in on the second story of the rickety little house, and is painted a faded, pale color, that was once a vibrant turquoise. 

8. Can they cook? 
Faith never learned to cook. And, sadly, never cared either. She found her niche in the forest. 

9. What is their favorite household chore? 
Though you can rarely see her doing chores (her mother does most of them), Faith dislikes sweeping the least. There is something so satisfying about a freshly swept floor. 

10. Favorite kind of tea?
Though tea is scarce, on a rare occasion Faith has had lemon tea, and adores it. If you gave her a cup of lemon-infused tea with a drop or two of honey, you would probably be her friend for life. :)

So there you have it. Hopefully you have gotten to know Faithful a little better, and hopefully you enjoyed learning about her. :) 

Spring Colors

Friday, May 04, 2012

Because I'm a fashion blogger and because colors are in my best interest, here is my take on this year's spring colors. :)


I am absolutely in love with this color. Probably my favorite. I mean, how can you go wrong with a bright peachy, salmon pink? Love. I would wear a coral dress with a chunky gold necklace, some nude pumps, and a white handbag. 

M I N T  G R E E N

Mint green is such a sweet color. The name is perfect for it - it looks just like mint ice cream, or perhaps sea foam. Either way, this color is definitely a winner. Especially pared with some gold jewelry. :) I would wear a mint green top with a chocolate brown high-waisted skirt, and maybe some oxfords. :)

N E O N  Y E L L OW 

I have to admit, I'm not so much of fan of this one. Meh. :/ It's a little too...out-there for me. But there are ways to make neon yellow work. Charcoal grey is a great way to do this - Lots of grey with a little pop of yellow = one cheery outfit. Or you could play it up, and pair it with neon purple. (see below)

C O B A L T   B L U E

Cobalt blue is such a great, bold color. One blue accent, and you may have just jazzed up a dull outfit. I would pair some cobalt blue jeans with a simple white tee, a couple key pieces of gold jewelry, and some nude heels. 

How would you wear some of these colors?

goals, hopes, plans, and dreams

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

This post was inspired by dear Hannah's here. If you plan on doing a goals post, please credit her, not me. Thank you! :)

Because lists are just fun things, and because I could really use one to clear up my mind a bit, here I go and try my hand at writing my goals for this month. :) 

life goals
-Get all the way down in my middle splits (I've got about an inch to go - yay!)
-Be more creative with my outfit choices. 
-Clean out/rejuvenate my closet. There are altogether too many things in there that I never wear, plus a couple staple items (read: colorful skinnes, summer sandals) that I have been eyeing, and that I would love to add to my wardrobe.
-Take more pictures. That's actually always a good idea.
-Procrastinate less. This is a biggie.
-Finish school {early, if possible. :D}

blog goals
-Do better outfit posts (aka take better pictures, and actually take the time to find out where some of my clothes are from, instead of just writing 'unknown')
-Cut down my amount of labels (I've got about 50 y'all, even though I don't always use them.)
-Finally get around to posting my take on this year's summer/spring colors.
-Announce about the sponsorship spaces for May on my blog (oh wait, I'm doing that now! ;D)

What are your goals?
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