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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

This post was inspired by dear Hannah's here. If you plan on doing a goals post, please credit her, not me. Thank you! :)

Because lists are just fun things, and because I could really use one to clear up my mind a bit, here I go and try my hand at writing my goals for this month. :) 

life goals
-Get all the way down in my middle splits (I've got about an inch to go - yay!)
-Be more creative with my outfit choices. 
-Clean out/rejuvenate my closet. There are altogether too many things in there that I never wear, plus a couple staple items (read: colorful skinnes, summer sandals) that I have been eyeing, and that I would love to add to my wardrobe.
-Take more pictures. That's actually always a good idea.
-Procrastinate less. This is a biggie.
-Finish school {early, if possible. :D}

blog goals
-Do better outfit posts (aka take better pictures, and actually take the time to find out where some of my clothes are from, instead of just writing 'unknown')
-Cut down my amount of labels (I've got about 50 y'all, even though I don't always use them.)
-Finally get around to posting my take on this year's summer/spring colors.
-Announce about the sponsorship spaces for May on my blog (oh wait, I'm doing that now! ;D)

What are your goals?

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  1. Wow, breathtaking photos! Purple is my favourite colour! One of my goals this month is to read through Romans! :)



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