Saturday, May 26, 2012

The world around us is so beautiful, and so reminiscent of God's creativity, far more vast than any human being - why don't we notice it more often? We say, "I love capturing beauty in little things" (at least I do) but sometimes we are so busy capturing the little beauties that we miss the big ones. Yes, tears are beautiful, but so are smiles. Every rose has it's thorns, but does that mean we have to focus on them? 
Take time to stop and smell the roses today, hug someone who maybe you wouldn't normally hug, and tell someone you love them. You only live once, right? Let's make our lives special and memorable. 

they should know we are Christians by our love.

I want to capture everything beautiful I see - small or big. I want to gather it all, and share the story of God & His beauty. Care to join me?

p.s.  Keep your eyes on HDML - there are some big changes coming, including design changes. 

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