Spring Colors

Friday, May 04, 2012

Because I'm a fashion blogger and because colors are in my best interest, here is my take on this year's spring colors. :)


I am absolutely in love with this color. Probably my favorite. I mean, how can you go wrong with a bright peachy, salmon pink? Love. I would wear a coral dress with a chunky gold necklace, some nude pumps, and a white handbag. 

M I N T  G R E E N

Mint green is such a sweet color. The name is perfect for it - it looks just like mint ice cream, or perhaps sea foam. Either way, this color is definitely a winner. Especially pared with some gold jewelry. :) I would wear a mint green top with a chocolate brown high-waisted skirt, and maybe some oxfords. :)

N E O N  Y E L L OW 

I have to admit, I'm not so much of fan of this one. Meh. :/ It's a little too...out-there for me. But there are ways to make neon yellow work. Charcoal grey is a great way to do this - Lots of grey with a little pop of yellow = one cheery outfit. Or you could play it up, and pair it with neon purple. (see below)

C O B A L T   B L U E

Cobalt blue is such a great, bold color. One blue accent, and you may have just jazzed up a dull outfit. I would pair some cobalt blue jeans with a simple white tee, a couple key pieces of gold jewelry, and some nude heels. 

How would you wear some of these colors?


  1. Wow, fabulous colours - I'm loving the neons and mint!

  2. i love coral and mint green together. like, i want to design my whole house and blog with the combo!


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