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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To tell you the truth, I'm really nervous about publishing this post. Here goes...

I've been doing some thinking on modesty and fashion lately. I noticed that one of two of the outfits that I have posted here while seemingly harmless to us girls, could be a stumbling block or guys. As far as I know, I don't have any guy readers (am I wrong? vote on the sidebar poll) but you never know who's going to come across you blog, and I don't want to take chances.

Now, here comes the hard part - I am changing my blog over to a writing blog. Part of this decision is because of the above point (have you read this? it is eye-opening.) , but most of it is just for privacy reasons. While I love posting what I've worn, I don't feel totally comfortable putting that much of myself on the internet for anyone to see. :/

Anyway, I have also been considering joining Beautiful People monthly, along with post snippets of my writing, and updates on what I have been doing lately, writing- & book-wise.

Before the modesty issue, I was getting confused about what I wanted the purpose and the focus of my blog to be. But after looking back at some old posts, and praying about it, God closed the other doors, and left this one open. Isn't He wonderful?

Does this mean I am never going to do any fashion-related posts on my blog anymore, and everything I do is going to be centered around writing? Absolutely not! It just means that I won't be posting pictures of myself in clothing anymore (I would love to get a mannequin so I could still do outfit posts, but we'll see how that goes!) and I'll be doing a lot more writing posts. And I'll still post life updates, as well as photo studies/photo shoots. :)

I hope y'all understand why I'm making this decision, and I ant to that you for all your constant support through incredibly sweet comments and emails. You make my day. no. joke.
I also hope you are as excited for these new changes as I am! :)


  1. Bree, I'm so glad you did post this! It's totally how I feel about outfit posts! I'd love to do them, but the last one I did my uncle saw it and called me and told me it was too "sexy" and that I needed to take it down. I was so thankful he did, because to me it had seemed fine, but obviously not to him. Thanks so much for posting this!


  2. I admire your desire to be sensitive to guys - that's definitely a rare thing in our culture. :P Thanks for linking the Modesty Survey. It's been a long time since I looked at that, and it reminded me that looks that I, as a girl, think are cute and harmless, can be harmful to guys.

  3. proud of you Bree! often we don't see what the guys in our lives see, and you're so right, without meaning to we can often be a stumbling block, as you said. thank you for taking a stand!


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