taking a sip

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm taking a sip.
A sip of what?
Is it a nourishing liquid, that will replenish my body?
Or is it a sugar-filled sip, one who's pleasure is short-lived?
Liquid, in both the physical and spirititual sense, can be either good or bad. A sugary-sweet soda is terrible for your teeth. As is drinking in the wrong type of lifestyle. On the other hand, water is necessary to survive. As is the Living Water. 

I find myself too often sipping that sweet juice - the stuff that tastes good, but does bad. Why? Because it's easier, because it's sweeter. But when I do drink water, the refreshment stays. It doesn't have bad effects on my body, spiritually, or physically. In fact, it keeps me alive. 

I want to drink more Living Water, because without it, my life is nothing. Just like without water, your body dries up, without Living Water, your soul dries up.

What are you sipping?


  1. Wow, what truth!! Gorgeous love(:


  2. Lovely post! I drink water all of the time. I mean, I take my water canteen with me wherever I go. (I even keep it beside my bed at night!)

    Water does make you feel more energetic! When I drink less of it I feel torpid and sluggish.

    Thanks for posting, Bree! <3

  3. Gorgeous post! I agree completely, and you take gorgeous pictures. :)

  4. Gorgeous post! You take such pretty pictures. :)

  5. beautifully simple yet profound analogy. may we drink the living water to be nourished!

  6. Totally agree with carissa!

  7. Wonderful post! I agree with Carissa with what she said, "beautifully simple yet profound analogy".


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