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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

life has been busy. a good, full busy. the type of busy that fills your heart to the brim, that summer busy. dance camp (for those in company) three and a half hours a day makes every day seem busy. and it doesn't exaclty make you feel very energentic, either. it just makes you feel supremely happy, supremely tired, and supremely sore. which is just the way i like summer. so here's a little summer ramble, a list of summer wants, dreams, and goals. all in lowercase. as i listen to "the sound of music" playing in the other room. :)

---summer goals---
1. finish to kill a mockingbird, les miserables, and the fellowship of the ring
2. stretch more often.
3. try at least one of the things on my pinterest diy board.
4. sleep outside.
5. write. a lot. not to mention work on the novel i'm writing with my sister.
6. bake something new.
7. take firework pictures.

---recent loves---



 she looks almost exactly like a certain character of mine. :)

this is insanely clever - clip anything that inspires you from a magazine, and glue them down into a travel journal, for inspiration wherever you go. :)

so, what have you been up too?

oh, and don't forget this.


  1. I love to kill a mockingbird!!! Happy summer!!!


  2. what a fun summer list. sounds like my kind of summer! and that first dress is absolutely stunning, so classy and elegant and lovely!

  3. i'll join you in this post by commenting in all lowercase. yup. i rock.

    that's a lovely little summer list. best of luck to you in completeing it!



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