A Walk In The Park

Thursday, June 14, 2012

listening to: the saltwater room by owl city

There is a little park with a sweet little bridge and lots of river birches within walking distance of our house. My sisters and brother and I visit it quite often, bringing a picnick lunch, or our bikes, or a book to read and a comfy blanket. It's a lovely little place to relax in the summer. 
The other day, two of my sisters and I went up, I with Marius (read: my camera) and them with empty hands. While they imagined a world for themselves and lived in it for an hour or two, I snapped pictures to my heart's delight. It was simply lovely. Days like that are the ones I don't want to end. 

Do you have days that you don't want to end?


  1. Lovely pictures, Bree. :]

    Definitely those amazing summer days where the sun is shining just so, everything is particularly bright and beautiful, and peace and quiet (not necessarily silence - little sister's giggles and birds tweeting are always welcome "quiet") reigns throughout. :]

  2. The 4th and 7th photos are amazing! I'm in love!

    Oh, loverly post by the way. <3

  3. The last picture with the sunflare is SO perfect! I totally know the feeling of beautiful moments that you never want to end. :)

    Abbie /// XOXOX


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