Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yes, I am trying out awkward & awesome thursdays today. :) I've seen a couple other bloggers do it, and was curious to see how I would like it. :) So, here we go...

1. feeling sick at night, having pepto bismol, and suddenly feeling fine, which *never* happens. ??
2. when your little brother gets a really old board game, and you tell yourself your never going to play it, because it's musty and old. and then the next day, you're asking him to play with you.
3. not being able to use your camera, so everywhere you go, you tell whoever's nearest you "wouldn't that make a great photo? if you took it right now, from this angle?" and they look at you, probably thinking "weird..."
4. listening to Catching Fire on audio book, and mentally telling the lady who reads them "no, that's pan-EM, not pan-um. and peeta's voice *doesn't* sound like that. and it's EN-o-bare-ee-uh, not EE-no-bar-ee-uh," and a host of other things. yeah, reading books to yourself is usually a better idea...:)

1. writing 3,000 words in a day. in addition to that, those three thousand words take you to the 10,000 mark. which makes me super happy. :)
2. not having writers' block. because usually, when I get to this point in my books, I get major writers' block, start to get bored with the plot, write a lot of dull filler scenes so the word count will be bigger, etc. not this time around. I am in love with where my book is going. although I am still under the belief that someone with more experience could write it much better, these people live in my head. and so no one else could ever see it the same way I do. which is incredibly encouraging.
3. new clothes from the thrift store. like charlotte russe curvy flair jeans that fit perfectly, and a new periwinkle ruffled tank top. <3

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  1. Ha! Totally feel ya on the lack of camera thoughts and the reading it to yourself, although I'm starting to fall in love with listening to books in the car on long road trips. Fun stuff!


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