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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

This month's beautiful people is up--time for me to delve deep into the mind of one of my characters. :) But this time it's different - we get to choose our own questions. :) So, care to see what I came up with? I'm interviewing a new character of mine, named Ara.

1. Does she sing?
Ara used to sing. Her voice was supposed to be pretty, but nobody knows if this is any more than a legend.  After she left her hometown in search of a better life for baby Kaitlyn, she became sullen and quiet. Her lips are sealed from warmth, and instead, spew cold remarks on occasion, but for the most part, nothing at all.

2. If her house were to burn to the ground, what would be the first thing she would grab?
Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is the one and only thing in the world that has a grip on her, and she cares about the baby more than her own life. After that, she might take her shawl, and some food. But her worldly possesions are few, and they matter little to her.

3. In one word, how would you describe her?
Misunderstood. On the outside, she appears to be cold, bitter, rude, and aged. But all that is just a ruse to protect herself from pain. Ara has the heart of a child in a 20-year-old's body. She doesn't have much experience, but she's trying to do the right thing in her circumstance. All the weight makes her bitter and unhappy. So yes, misunderstood.

4. Is there a certain color she prefers to thee others?
Perhaps she does, but she most likely wouldn't tell you. If so, it is bound to be some shade of red. She has an odd attraction to that color.

5. How does she deal with imposing characters?
Silence. Ara learned a while ago that declarations of sealed lips do no good. So instead, when questioned about a touchy subject, such as Kaitlyn, she simply ignores the questioner. Unless they have some hold over her. Then, the story changes.

6. Has she had any sort of education?
A little. Her father taught her to read before he died. But education is not needed to take care of a child and clean house for a large household. Besides, Ara's days are full to the brim, with barely enough time to get some rest of her own, much less learn how to write.

7. What is her favorite passtime?
Brushing the thin, dark, wispy hair atop Kaitlyn's baby head with her fingers. It's not much, but it soothes Kaitlyn to sleep, and it relaxes Ara after a particularly long day.

8. Name the five people closest to her heart. 
Naturally, Kaitlyn is the closest. Few others hold her interest as much. Her father is second, deceased though he is, because he never mistreated her like the other fathers of her aquaintance. Thirdly, Zenaide, her cousin. In truth, Ara hasn't seen her in years, and doesn't particularly care after the note on which the departed. Fourth, Favian. He isn't much of a fellow and spends many hours in the woods, but they are good friends, and he is the only one with whom she ever shares a rare smile. There is no fifth.

9. What is her ideal day?
A walk in some distant meadow, accopanied by Kaitlyn and an unknown dear soul, the day spent with a picnic, a nap in the sun, splashing through a creek, braiding each other's hair, and sleeping under the stars.

10. How long has she lived?
About 17 years at the time the book begins.

"never underestimate the strength of a man who loves." he said boldly. "never underestimate the strength of a woman who does not." I replied. (c) bree holloway 2012


  1. Oh, I like this, Bree. :) She sounds like a very fascinating character. :) Beautifully written!

    Mikailah @ Maid for Him

  2. You have piqued my interest in Ara, Bree!! She sounds like a fascinating character :). What is the title of the story that this character comes from? Great questions by the way...
    Joy @

    1. I'm actually kind of going out on a limb with Ara. ;) she is a character that I very recently invented, and I am kind of building the plot around her. So, the book has only the temporary title, "Winter Haze". I'm not really sure how far I'll go with that name, but we'll see. :)
      I'm glad she interests you! I'm thinking of doing a BP with her "daughter" Kaitlyn soon, so stay tuned. :)

  3. I have an odd attraction to red, too. Great interview! Aren't misunderstood characters the BEST?! :)

    Dropping by on the BP link-up,

    Mime @

    1. Yes, I love misunderstood characters! <3

  4. ohmyword. I love this SO much. *swoons*

    Ara has captivated me. I am officially in love with her.

  5. Brilliant interview. But I feel so sad for Ara now! (Awesome name by the way :D) I agree with mime: misunderstood characters are great to write! But I still feel sad for them. I guess Ara must be pretty lonely too. But it's awesome how she's so devoted to Kaitlyn. That's so sweet.

    stopping over from the BP link up

    (and also from :D)


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