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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Doing BP with Kaitlyn - learn more about her "mother"* here. (yes, I am doing this twice this month... *sheepish grin*)

1. What is his/her full name?
Kaitlyn Laelia Felicia Isolde. Most call her Kaitlyn, but for Ara. Ara calls her Laelia, or Lae. 

2. How old is he/she?
Kaitlyn is 9 months old when the book begins, and around 6 when it ends. 

3. What color is his/her hair?
Blonde with brown undertones, similar to Ara's. Which is why they are usually thought of as mother and daughter. But as she gets older, Kaitlyn's hair darkens to a rich brown.

4. How would you describe his/her personality?
Quiet. Kaitlyn is one of those people who are barely there. Most people don't notice her, because of her inability to talk**, until she is five, and begins to speak. But even then, her words are soft, and sweet, like honey. The bold characters around her disaproove.

5. What is her favorite passtime?
As an infant, it was noticed that she smiled the most while in Ara's arms. As she grew older, she enjoyed swinging in the old wooden swing in the tumbledown backyard. 

6. What color are her eyes?
Bright, vibrant green.

7. How tall is she?
She is 2'11'' at 6 years old.

8. What does she want to be when she grows up?
Kaitlyn wants to be a Mama, like practically ever little girl. :) Only, she doesn't think about it much. She loves pretending different things are her babies, from corn-husk dolls, to ladybirds.

9. How does she cope with stress?
She doesn't. Kaitlyn's life thus far has been worry-free. In fact, one might say that she doesn't know what it is to worry.

10. Does she remind you of anyone in your life?
She reminds me a bit of one of my little sisters, but mostly, she reminds me of a butterfly. Small, carefree, and delicate.

*Ara takes care of Kaitlyn as though she were her own child. In reality, the child belongs to an unknown someone, and Ara, out of her own compassion, decided to take care of her since the day she found her sitting in a bread basket at church, hardly three months old. Ara acts as though Kaitlyn is her child, despite the fact that she is unmarried.
**Kaitlyn didn't learn to talk until later in her life. Nobody knows why.


  1. I love these character "sketches". keep 'em up! I am positively intrigued by Kaitlyn and Ara now.

  2. Oh... what a cute picture. Kaitlyn sounds like a gorgeous character!


  3. I read your first interview on Ara and it made me really curious about Kaitlyn. I'm so glad you did an interview on her too! (And the photo is super cute and sweet.) I love it how you described her like a butterfly: small, carefree and delicate. I get a really clear picture in my mind of what she'd look like and how she'd act. Such a sweet interview. And your book sounds really intriguing!!


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