Character Letters: Zenaide to Zenobia

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm joining up with Shoes of Paper, Stockings of Buttermilk's Character Letters.
Who is this letter addressed to? Princess Zenobia
Does the speaker go on tangents? No, she is very orderly and circumspect. She doesn't waste space with extra words, but sticks to the point. 
What is the stationary like? Simple, yet beautiful. A beautiful hand has written "Princess Zenaide" across the top, in blue ink. The paper is sturdy and clean, but not elaborate.
What is the handwriting? It is neat and clean, but smooth. The type of handwriting that glides across the page so effortlessly, it make ones wonder at how it is so neat.
Do they doodle in the margins? No. That would be an unecessary waste of ink and time.

Princess Zenaide
My dear sister,
This shall be a brief letter, explaining all that I know of a certain situation, and you must trust that I know what I am doing is best. Please do not be upset. 
Ara visited you two days ago, and asked you to help her regain her kingdom. Do not bother how I know this, my dear, it shall be explained later on. When she asked for your help, you refused, and laughed, telling her it was ridiculous. Impossible, even, I believe was the word you used, was it not? And Ara left you alone to contemplate your answer. I'm assuming you did not know that she came to me next. She explained the situation, and begged me for help. I could tell she had been hurt by your words, but no matter. Any normal person would have done the same that you did, for she did seem a little senseless. Do not feel too much remorse about your actions, Zenobia. 
But when she came to visit me, she was a mess. I had practically no choce but to help her, but honestly me dear, I would have helped her at any rate. I believe in her cause, as crazy as it is, and as crazy as you will think I am. I gave her money, and the palace's best horse, Eidelweiss. I sent her off to the old kingdom, so she could see the ruins, and told her to return as soon as she had seen them. Then, together with some of my best and most discreet advisors, we will contract a plan to save the land. 
Here is the chink, and here is where I need your help, Zenobia. There is a band of theives who have taken over the abandoned land, and claim it as their own. Ara does not know this, but she will find out soon enough. I need you to find her a gentleman to help. Zenobia, the poor girl needs love! But more than that, strength. A strength that I, as a woman, cannot possibly hope to give. She needs a parter, her other half. I want you, who knows best of anyone the workings of the human heart, to find her one. Find her a man who is strong, bold, and caring. Someone who is gentle of tongue, but sharp of wits. I know this will not be easy, but sister, think of Ara! Sweet little Ara, with whom we used to play, day in and day out. Think of how she looked when she came to you, ragged and forlorn, hardened from years of despondency. Zenobia, my dear, sweet sister, give her what she needs - love.

Ever yours,

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