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Friday, July 13, 2012

So I thought I would do snippets this month - just try it out and see how it goes. :) All these quotes are from my latest novel, Winter Wings.

“I’m…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought him up-” I began, hating to open a fresh wound. Goodness knows I knew what that felt like.
“No, no, it’s good.” Mistress Boye insisted, wiping away a tear or three. “I needed a reminder of how much he loved me.”
-Winter Wings, Ara

“Gentleman, please! Let me live my life the way I want to! Do you not remember our motto? I’ll repeat it for your benefit: ‘Live life the way it’s meant to be lived.’ Do you think life ought to be wasted, sitting around all day at a tavern, drinking your brains away? No! I want to live my life for something better – something more exciting, something that won’t go unnoticed. Who’s with me?” 
-Winter Wings, Adair

“The nerve of that young man!” 
It was the only thought that I could concentrate on, my feelings were upset so. And I could not believe myself. I hadn’t been bothered by any prodding customers in months – why was this bothering me? 
-Winter Wings, Ara

“Your words are cold, sir. You lead me to believe that heart is also that way.” Ara said.
“Just because I am cold on the outside does not mean I am on the inside!” My voice was indignant.
“What is in the heart is on the tongue.” she professed, obviously quoting something, though I didn't know what.
-Winter Wings, Adair

“Mama! Mama, there’s a man at the front door and he wants to speak to you!” I called to my mother, leaving the door wide open, the stranger dumbfounded, and Miss Hazel with a gasp on her lips. 
-Winter Wings, Kaitlyn

“You want to save the kingdom? Oh Ara, you always were an imaginative girl!” I giggled in spite of myself. “But my dear, isn’t that a bit much? Come now, be reasonable!”
“I am being reasonable, Zenobia, you must listen to me!” she said in earnest. “This is serious.” The last words were added quietly, yet almost as an afterthought.
-Winter Wings, Princess Zenobia

Novel update:
Word count: 3,186 (yes, I know...I've been a little distracted. ;D)
Page count: 10
July goal: 30,000 words
Final goal: About 70,000 words

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  1. Intriguing snippets! :) I liked (in the first snippet) how you said she wiped away "a tear or three". Loved that. It's fresh and a little different to the normal "a tear or two".

    I hope you make your goal this month! Good luck! :)

    stopping over from the link-up!


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